Chores I Hate

I must confess, there are certain chores around the house I hate. I know, it’s not exactly deepest darkest secrets being confessed today. Perhaps I should be confessing that I don’t hate them all, in fact some things I quite like. Like vacuuming. I love being able to see clean carpets! The same with sweeping the floors. I don’t necessarily like having to do it, but seeing all the bits and pieces swept up and off the floor makes me happy. Having a clear kitchen counter makes me happy. Hmmm, maybe I just have a compulsion for tidy. I’m digressing!

For all the chores I don’t mind doing, there are some I would do just about anything to get out of. Like mopping the floors and ironing. Lately I’ve taken to spot-mopping and just mopping the bits of the floor that need it. How’s that for lazy? And ironing I hate because I can never get the setting right and while ironing the only clothes in our house that I iron (work uniforms) it always seems to drip water all over my shirts. What does that mean – it’s too hot or not hot enough? It drives me so insane that I don’t iron anything else. My husband irons all his work uniforms and dress shirts. Sometimes he even irons my work uniforms so I don’t have to!

Then Friday afternoon, an angel iron pressurized steam generator arrived on my doorstep.

Since we are moving this weekend I packed it away, thinking I’d wait until we moved to bust it out of the box, read the directions and try to figure out how to use the massive thing. Then yesterday morning the husband said we had to go grocery shopping. I hate grocery shopping. “Can’t you just go?” I said. “I’ll stay here and iron our uniforms.” This stopped husband dead in his tracks. “Who are you and what have you done with my wife?” he asked. Turns out I will do anything to get out of grocery shopping, including ironing.

And now that I’ve got this baby, I’d chose ironing over just about any other household chore. I’m not one to gush about appliances (except maybe the washing machine, one week without one of those was enough for me! And the dishwasher, when that carked it I was beside myself, and the coffee machine….) but this is not your ordinary every day iron. I couldn’t tell you what a pressurized steam generator does exactly, or how it works, but it is hands down the best iron I have ever used. It uses “OptimalTemp” technology which means no changing settings! You can iron any fabric on the one setting! An easy steam button just under your index finger makes it super easy to get all those wrinkles out. You can even use it to steam hanging garments. And with a 2.2L water chamber, you can do loads of ironing without running out of water!

One of my childhood memories is of my mum, ironing the clothes while watching Days of Our Lives. The Philips PerfectCare Aqua is so easy to use, one of my son’s childhood memories will be of doing the ironing himself!


So easy a 5 year old can do it!

Me? I like the machine so much, it makes me want to iron jeans and underwear. Heck, I might even start ironing socks.


Yep. I ironed jeans! The holes were purchased, not from the iron!

So, what’s your most hated chore? What appliance do you think would make it easier?

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I Must Confess

*I was gifted a Philips PerfectCare Aqua for the purpose of this review. All expressed opinions are genuine and my own. See my disclaimer.


24 thoughts on “Chores I Hate

  1. I don’t iron – the only things I iron are name labels for the kids clothes! I hang my work shirts on coat hangers on the line and that seems to sort them out enough (I don’t wear crisp business shirts though). For me I hate the tidying that is always needed prior to the actual cleaning!

    • Sometimes our laundry is in the washer for up to an hour before it’s taken out and hung up, so we well and truly miss the opportunity for it not to be wrinkly. I typically try and buy clothes that don’t NEED ironing, but I’ve slipped up somewhere because I have quite a few things that need it now.

  2. My mother has bought me 2 or 3 different types of irons in a futile attempt to make me start ironing. Didn’t work. Not even sure this one would do it as great as it sounds.

    • oooh, I don’t know, this one COULD make the difference! Folding the laundry today I actually put aside a pile of clothes that need to be ironed! Once upon a time I’d have just folded them up and put them away and either hope they straightened themselves out or hoped hubby would iron them at some point.

  3. When my kids were little I used to love ironing. I’d work away stewing over all the things that had annoyed me that day. I even ironed tea towels. Now I iron nothing. I just give it a good shake after washing it and hang it on the line strategically. Plus I buy a lot of things that don’t need ironing.

    • I can understand ironing tea towels. Ours are linen and crinkle up in the wash. I iron our placemats too, because they’re material ones. Is that the trick – shaking it before you put it on the line? We hang stuff too but sometimes not right as soon as the wash has finished, and it gets wrinkly. 😦

  4. Ha! I totally understand about chores you will do anything to avoid. My must-avoid chore is lawn mowing. I let the lawn grow until I am too embarrassed to say “Hello” to the neighbours! I have been ducking into the house for about a week now, so it is probably time to mow the lawn again… rats!

    • oh Nathan, we are about to move from a unit with ZERO MAINTENANCE needed, to a house, with a huge back yard. I think my husband will be feeling your pain, and if he suddenly starts disappearing on weekends I will know what he is avoiding!!

  5. I actually don’t mind ironing – it gives me an excuse to watch some trashy TV! But I could do with a better iron – mine does some weird water things too. If you find out what’s wrong with yours,let me know too, won’t you?

    • I won’t ever find out because I’m never going back!! I’m sure it has to do with the temperature – Im’ just not sure WHAT it has to do with it! I know this iron is a bit (ok lot) more than I’d normally spend on an iron, but keep an eye out for sales maybe, it really is so much easier/better than the traditional iron!

  6. I feel like I really want that Iron!!! I usually hate ironing and will avoid wearing certain clothes if they need ironing but you have almost made it sound fun! I would choose grocery shoppping over Ironing any day! πŸ™‚

    • Get out those clothes and get one of these irons! Don’t let your clothes go unworn because of an iron! πŸ˜‰ It was kind of fun trying it out, I’m hoping the novelty doesn’t wear off tho lol

  7. I used to hate mopping because it took so long to dry but since I got a steam mop it’s a breeze. The floor is dry in minutes and there is no pain in the arse filling a bucket and then trying to dry the mop when I’m finished.

  8. Now you just need to get your litle boy to do all of the ironing πŸ™‚ He looks pretty happy with himself πŸ™‚ I spend about and hour and a half ironing every week. I really need to start buying wrinkle free clothes.

  9. I find I don’t enjoy doing chores while the kids are about! Having young kids makes the house work twice as long and double as hard to do. That iron looks awesome. I’d probably enjoy ironing if I had one of those too.

  10. I hate all chores, which is why I had my hubby vow to cook, clean and slave after me. True story and guess what he actually does. After 20 years though I think the whole princess act may be wearing a bit thin and I may need to actually get a cleaner in. πŸ™‚

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