Protecting Our Children

As a parent our natural instinct is to protect our children. We do that by making sure they are safe, keeping an eye on them and trusting our “village” that is helping to raise them. We protect them by being particular about what day care centers, schools, after-school-programs and sporting activities they attend. We hope that the law protects them from predators. But does it? After watching the 60 minutes special Sunday night on The Monster (I refuse to call him by name) that abducted and killed Daniel Morcombe, I seriously question our laws.

We should be ashamed. This predator had previously been twice convicted for raping children. Crimes he served a total of less than 6 years for. And let’s not forget the countless other people he abused in between.

He should never have been allowed to see the light of day. And now, even after confessing to taking and killing Daniel, he is still going to be eligible for parole after serving 20 years of a life sentence. This is not good enough.

Sentencing convicted criminals to community service at day care centres should never happen. I don’t care if they’re serving time for unpaid parking tickets. Just make it a blanket rule that no person serving community service be involved with children.

I truly don’t believe these predators can ever be rehabilitated. Not people who are as sick as this f*#$. And even then, I have read that many of these animals are being paroled without even attending any kind of rehabilitation program!

I used to disagree with a sex offender registry, but now I am all for it. I am not asking for specific addresses and personal details, but perhaps a name, street, post code at the very least. We deserve to know if these people are living on our streets. These people get second, third, fourth chances. For a sexual assault victim, there are no more chances. They don’t get to un-do what has been done to them.

How many people have to die at the hands of monsters who should have already been behind bars before our laws change? I can name 2 off the top of my head – Jill Meagher and Daniel Morcombe.

And I’ve just read that one of Perth’s worst sex offenders has been released from jail. Mark my words, he will be the next one to commit a heinous crime that will make headlines around the nation, and again we will be up in arms over why he was let out to start with.

When are we going to wake up, Australia? We need to fight for tougher laws, we need to protect our children!

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14 thoughts on “Protecting Our Children

  1. I couldn’t agree more. I can not get my head around why/how the monster was let out. Only six years for a lifetime of damage he did to those two boys and who knows who else. If only they locked him up and threw away the key. I am all for a sex offender list. We need to start being a little smarter than we have been.

  2. I will never understand sentencing laws and the jail system. We try to be tough on things like drugs but let evil crimes be overlooked – insanity – deb xx

  3. Sentencing. It’s such a minefield. Sometimes I really feel for the judges and lawyers who have to play by the rules when all they want to do is send someone away for the rest of their lives. I hope he never gets out.

  4. I agree with you completely and haven’t even been able to follow the story to closely for fear I cannot unhear or unimagine the unimaginable. There need to be tougher laws for those who destroy life. #teamIBOT

  5. YES!!! Can’t agree enough with this Aroha!! I’m finding it so hard to explain to my 10 year-old why a monster like this shouldn’t be punished more.
    It feels like we don’t have the right to know our kids are safe. xx

  6. Our criminal system is a joke. I cried rivers for Daniel and his family and all that they went/have been through. This monster has been given a sentence that is nowhere near what he deserves…..

  7. It’s just awful, and it’s awful that we all have to be so cautious now! My kids were asking me today what to do if someone tries to kidnap them. Why is that even a conversation we have to have?

  8. A friend of mine is a criminologist who works with sex offenders both in the community and while they are in jail. She said there were many times when she said that an offender should not be paroled because he flat out said to her ‘I will reoffend’ and they were given parole. One man in particular said in every single session with her that he would reoffend, and when he was given parole, he did reoffend and was back in jail within a week.

  9. Well said Aroha and no disagreement here. I think as Emily says, he won’t ever get parole (what parole board/government would ever grant it) but he should be marked ‘never to be released’ in his sentence.

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