WTF? Unanswered Questions

I must confess, the older I get, the more terrifying this world seems to be. From missing planes to child sex offenders serving pathetic jail sentences, I am left wondering what is good about this life. There seem to be more questions than answers lately, and my mind is struggling to process some things.

How the fuck do you lose a 777???  How the fuck do you trust any pilot ever again after talk of pilot-suicide?

How does a MONSTER who rapes a child serve 14 months in prison and then be set free?

How does said monster re-offend and serve only 4 years before again being set free?

Why does he get to live? Why does he get any rights at all? Why does he get protection in jail from inmates who have threatened to kill him?

Why don’t we have a sex register that allows people to see if violent people are living in their area? It doesn’t have to have specific addresses, but a street name would be helpful.

Why does everyone else fall pregnant so easily?

Why do I get to have all the health issues? Fungus toenails, broken teeth, dizzy spells, oh yeah, INFERTILITY…surely that is enough for one person?!

Why do we work so hard to save so little?

Where oh where is the silver lining?!

Why did I think it was a good idea for hubby and son to have a boys weekend away in Sydney? I will be worried about them the entire.time.

Why did I think going back to uni for my masters was a good idea? And how do I make sure I don’t completely drown?

What unanswered questions do you have? Do you have any answers for mine?

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12 thoughts on “WTF? Unanswered Questions

  1. I’ve had all of those questions spinning around in my head as well. I almost don’t want to watch the news ever again but you can’t always avoid it. Ugh. I’m so sorry about your infertility struggles. I have friends going through this and know how heartbreaking it is.

    I also get dizzy spells and it’s usually stress related if you’ve ruled out other causes. The main things that help me deal with it getting enough sleep and regular exercise. I’ve also had fungal toe nail infection and it’s disgusting but treatable. I hope you’re feeling better soon. xo

  2. I’ve also found taking Vitamin B, Magnesium and Fish Oil everyday helps with the stress/dizziness issues. Hope you can get some help and start feeling better. Cheers. xo

    • Thanks Ness. I always mean to pick up some fish oil and other supplements but never “get around to it” I really must do that! I’m finally sleeping a bit better and have started exercising again. I hope that’s the end of it, but yes I def think it was stress related.

  3. No answers, just a lot of head nodding in agreement with you, it’s horrendous what horrible people can get away with because of the legal system. So glad I didn’t watch the show last night. I actually spoke to Daniel’s mum about stranger danger when she was in our suburb two years ago and she said it’s about safe people, because cops were strangers but were safe people. I hope you get some answers soon, maybe we need a few days in Sydney or Bali to get some perspective. And you can’t worry about the boys, they’ll have a ball, pour your energy into looking after YOU! x

    • Love that, great point about “safe people” I have started talking to Nick about it. He got lost (again!) in Big W on the weekend and I told him that he could always go up to a woman who worked there and just say “I can’t find my mummy” he just wonders around!! Don’t get me started on the time he got lost at Wet n Wild!! I will do my best to enjoy my weekend next weekend! Starting with Dinner!!

  4. HUGS. So many questions, so few answers. I don’t understand most of those things myself. My sister-in-law fell pregnant and had babies TWICE (there is one year between her children) during the years we were trying to conceive our second-born. Thank goodness we’d at least had one by that stage or I would have been an absolute wreck. (While of course still being happy for them. It’s possible.)

    • I know it is possible, I have felt that “happy for you but shit this sucks for me” feeling many a time with so many of my friends (and now family!) having 2 or 3 kids since I had my Nick. Some of them never even wanted kids, now have 2 or 3. WTF? So yes, I know it is possible. *hugs* thanks for sharing and understanding!

  5. Life sucks, usually for the people that deserve a whole lot better. I have no freakin’ idea what is going on in the world right now. All I know is we need to still believe in ourselves and in who and where we want to be. Go and rock that masters degree and enjoy some time to yourself when your boys have that weekend away, Aroha x

    • Thanks Kirsty. Just trying to figure out where we fit, what “good” we have coming our way, as all those around us seem to be getting a lot of it. Must be sending out the wrong signals or something here :/

  6. Hugs and commiserations, sounds like a lot of us are nodding in agreement (or shaking our fists in agreement perhaps). I sometimes wonder what I did in a past life to earn our current situation – then I remember I’m Catholic and we don’t believe in past lives 😉

  7. Oh lovey I wish I had some answers for you….
    I am totally confused as to how in this day and age, in 2014…we can lose a plane!!! Seems totally bizarre to me…
    My questions would be…. why does everyone else seem to be able to find their life partner and I can’t? Why do horrible people get to have babies and then not treat them right and they clearly don’t want and I don’t get to have one?
    oh I could go on and on and on…

  8. I echo all those questions about those horrible happenings around the world. The ongoing mystery of that missing plane also hits me close to home as I grew up in Malaysia. The government/political system there has always been such a big mess, so this issue has really put them under the spotlight.

    Infertility is a hard question. I struggled with it for many years before. There are no answers. Only hope. I pray your hope continues flickering through even in moments of despair.

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