Barely Afloat

For a long time I’ve been feeling “off”. I  knew that I had problems with my front tooth, so I put it all down to that. I have heard time and time again about how poor dental health leads to poor general health, so I figured that’s what was wrong. Now that my tooth has been pulled out, I’m feeling just as bad, if not worse. It could still be dental-related. Having a tooth pulled and dental implant put in is fairly major dental surgery. So it’s probably not entirely unusual to feel so average for a period afterwards. It’s only been 4 days, so it could all be related. Who knows? I think it’s time I went to my GP to run some tests just to be sure.

Thus far I have resisted the urge to google my symptoms. I just don’t want to know what google says. I’ve felt dizziness, light-headedness, I’ve had had to sit down several times (before I fell down). I’ve had some irregular heart rhythms and I’m finding it hard to concentrate (though that’s not unusual!) We’ve had lots of stress lately, and that is all contributing as well I am sure.

So today’s I Must Confess on Kirsty’s My Home Truths blog couldn’t be more apt. Because right now, there’s several parts of my life I’d like to out-source. I’d like to out-source my job if I could. Is that possible? Hell with it, this is all make believe, so anything is possible! I’d have someone to do my paid job, someone to do ALL my household chores (cleaning, laundry, cooking), and that would leave me free to do school drop off/pick up every day, go to uni, play tennis, and lunch with friends. While I’m day dreaming, I’ll also out-source this feeling crap too and let someone else deal with doctors and needles etc. for me.

Now if only that was all actually possible!

What part of your life would you out-source?

Linking up with Kirsty at My Home Truths for I Must Confess

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