Mother’s Sacrifice

I don’t think we ever truly know the meaning of the word “sacrifice” until we have children. Until you realise that you would give everything you had, everything you were, everything you could, for that small person in your life. If giving up something you loved meant giving them something they loved, you wouldn’t hesitate.

It starts immediately. As soon as you find out your pregnant. Alcohol, coffee, soft cheese, {insert non-pregnancy-safe items here} for 9 months, sometimes longer if you’re that strict. Then bub shows up and still (some) we give up alcohol, coffee, chocolate, dairy (intolerances) and various other things we deem to be making our babies unsettled. Not to mention the sleep we sacrifice for months on end.

We sacrifice careers, and we also sacrifice money! We are sent shopping for ourselves but come back with stuff for the kids. Enough left over for a bottle of wine? I’ll just grab some baby wipes/nappies/baby food/oh this is a cute top/{insert anything for baby that is not a bottle of wine}.

We sacrifice our relationships. Let’s face it, they are really hard work once a kid (or more) is involved. For the first few years anyway! I’m talking both romantic and friendships.

So with dental costs mounting and the chance of a move to a house from this unit just around the corner, I didn’t really have to think twice about sacrificing my hobby, my dream, and putting my camera up for sale. I did it because I knew it would give the 3 of us a bit more financial freedom and something we can all enjoy together, as opposed to my camera, which I, alone, enjoy once in a blue moon.

I’ve had a DSLR of some sort for almost 5 years. I can’t imagine not having a camera. I don’t even understand people who don’t have cameras! Yet I am about to become one of those people. All in the name of mother’s sacrifice.

What have you sacrificed for your kids? Would you do it again?

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10 thoughts on “Mother’s Sacrifice

  1. Absolutely and for sure !!!!!!!
    I think it’s inherent in a Mom/Dad. It makes me scratch my head in total disbelief when you hear of people abusing or worse, killing their children – I just don’t get it. As much as she can annoy the bejesus out of me sometimes, there is nothing I wouldn’t do to protect her. What I have found is that the older she gets, the harder it is to protect her – in order for her to survive, I have to let her go and make her own mistakes and learn from those mistakes, learn that there are consequences for her actions and sometimes those consequences are hard to deal with.
    I hope that you are feeling heaps better today – look after yourself !

  2. Ah yes it truly does start from the moment they are conceived – oh how I missed soft cheeses and wine! I think everyday we make some sort of sacrifice but it is all worth it. You are a great mummy to give up your beloved camera. Hope the new place rocks!

  3. Ahh Aroha. I felt sad for you when I read that you’d sold your camera. You truly are an awesome mum to make this sacrifice for your little family. That’s what us mother’s do though, I guess. I hope in the not too distant future you can buy it back – if that is what you decide you want to do x

  4. Oh, Aroha! Your camera! Your love, your passion! Just keep thinking that it’ll all pay of in the long run.
    The sacrifices we make are endless, aren’t they?

  5. Oh no that’s sad to hear about you having to sell your camera. I can’t think of anything I’ve sacrificed for the kids. I hope everything works out and one day you can buy yourself another camera and get back to your hobby. 🙂

  6. As a fellow DSLR girl I commend you on your sacrifice. We had to do the same recently when both my hubby and I sold our dirt bikes which was our sole outlet for frustration and riding was the only time we did something fun and exciting. When my hubby loaded mine up on the ute I cried as he pulled out of the driveway! Family first though, just goes to show there isn’t anything you wouldn’t do…

  7. I don’t think we ever stop sacrificing things for our kids, do we Aroha? I know my mum gave up a lot for us when we were young.
    Good on you hun, I’m sure you’ll get another one at some time in the future. I hope so because your photography is beautiful x

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