We’ve all been there. Had a friend invite us to a dreaded Tupperware party and not known how to respond. On the one hand you don’t mind going, on the other hand, Tupperware is expensive and it feels rude to go and not order anything.

A few weeks ago I saw an event I’d been invited to on Facebook and accidentally clicked that I was going. When I realised I’d just agreed to attend a Tupperware party my initial thought was “Fuck.”

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So I went along to the party and while flicking through the catalogue saw a heap of things I’d be interested in buying; you know, if I’d won the lottery the night before. “But it has a life time warranty” they said. When your biggest issue is losing pieces and leaving dishes behind at places, a life time warranty does jack shit for you.

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Still, Nick needed a new lunchbox for school since he’d lost his* in the last couple of weeks of school. So I found something not entirely outrageously priced, and ordered it.

Then the host started talking about what you’d get if you hosted a party.

Then I saw the picnic set (worth almost $200).

Then next thing I knew I was booking my own Tupperware party.

So now I am the blasted friend hosting the dreaded Tupperware party.

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I sent out the invitation via Facebook and reassured guests it was more of a chance to get together and have a couple of drinks. No pressure at all to buy anything (except that I want that overpriced picnic set!). I might have sold it as a “Champagne and Tupperware party” emphasising the “champagne” bit. I can tell from my friends which ones are coming for the champagne and which are coming for the Tupperware.

So the party is tonight and I have 10 friends coming along. I have the bubbly, the snacks, what else do I need? Do you love Tupperware? Have you hosted a Tupperware party? Do you have any tips for me or do you think I’m the devil for hosting the party in the first place?

*Since ordering the tupperware to replace it we’ve found it. Naturally.

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36 thoughts on “Tupper-Where?

  1. I’m totally coming for the Tupperware ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜‰ But if there’s bubbly I won’t say no. I LOVE Tupperware, it’s pricey but I’m sure I can get something so you can get that picnic set, and then bring it to the beach so I can use it with you when we going SUP’ing!!!! BOOM!

  2. I used to be a Tupperware lady about 25 years ago! True story! It set me up for life – or so I thought – but nowadays my collection is in desperate need of replenishing. I’ve lost bits and pieces of the years, the lids have cracked and split (they’re not guaranteed for dishwashing or at least they didn’t used to be), and some of the containers have that really strong plastic smell now that taints the food stored in it. But Tupperware is definitely the best, I do want to replace it but *sigh* it’s all about the $$$ and I’m allergic to parties, especially giving them LOL!

    • they still don’t recommend them for dishwashing and most of it is not microwave safe either. I didn’t realise that! It was hard to pick what to spend my party credit on, but then again I could have gone way over the limit quite easily too! I’m not sure I’d like giving parties.

  3. I used to love it. But then I got annoyed by the lack of compatibility in their range – what idiot designed a freezer container that CANT go in the microwave?! I actually did sell tupperware once. By sell, I mean it was before I had a drivers license, I didn’t do any parties and just bought a crapload at staff prices. Eh. I’ve never felt the pressure to buy at the parties either, so I struggle to relate to people who feel obligated to spend their money on it. I just say no and keep talking to my friends.

    • Yeah I don’t understand why most of their stuff is not microwave safe! In this day and age?! Probably to make you buy the microwave safe line as well as the regular one! I had a few people not place orders and that is fine. It is pretty pricey! Did have a couple of friends book their own parties tho so you get a little credit for that, too.

      • Yeah it’s things like that which feel scammy to me about them. I also didn’t have much of a positive experience in “working” for them, so that soured me a bit too!
        Having said that I still have & use a lot of Tupperware stuff!

  4. Hahaha this is so true! Tupperware is expensive but you do always feel like you have to buy something… I think that’s why the drink bottles are so popular lol! Good luck tonight! xx Lucy #TeamIBOT

  5. I have to confess that I LOVE tuppaware! I haven’t been to a party for a few years, but seem to still have added to my collection during this time. My ideal party would not include any sales pitch/demos, instead just some yummy food and a few drinks with friends while we had a look at the catalogues. Good luck with your party!

  6. The only thing I’ve ever bought from Tupperware was one of those prisms where kids poke shapes through the holes. I still have a drawer dedicated to Tupperware though and I don’t know where any of it came from???

  7. please post a photo of the picnic set. I want to see it. I don’t mind going to some of those things, but not Tupperware — it’s listening to the spiel that makes me zone out…

  8. You do not want to see my Tupperware collection – I have WAY TOO much and yet I covet more. Though I have had my entire modular mates lids replaced (now 24yrs old and good as new- the bases (23yrs) and new lids 2-3yrs) and about to get my boys 5 yr old lunch boxes replaced.
    My step grandmother was a Tupperware 50 yrs ago !

  9. Aroha – Happy New Year. I’m afraid I am about to invite you to a Chinese New Year party, which will have my friend’s (Heart my home) products which are nowhere near as expensive as tupperwear. But the main purpose, seriously, is a girl’s catch-up and I thought it would be nice to invite a few blogger friends. I really hope the picnic set is yours.

  10. Lol. Well I hope you’ve had an awesome time tonight and gotten your friends drunk enough to buy loads of stuff so you can get your picnic set ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’ve been roped into two Norwex parties recently. I spent up a storm at the first one. It’s so addictive. I nearly had my own party, but backed out at the last second.

    • With Tupperware if you have your own party (as long as you have friends who are spenders) you actually get so much stuff without paying a cent! Which is probably why it’s so expensive to be honest, the hosts are getting all this credit to spend. I got $295 in credit and if there’d been $100 more spent I’d have gotten $395 (might still yet as one friend is after some products she’s not sure she can find). Norwex would probably be the same? I’ll have to google it – is that the candles?

  11. Oh I love it but yes it’s just so expensive!!!
    And the last few things I bought I rarely use! But I would come to your party if you were putting on the bubbles. And also just to hang out ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I’d have loved to have had you at the party Jess! I’m now trying to figure out how to spend the last remnants of my credit because I don’t want to get things we won’t use! Sometimes you’re just better off buying the cheap stuff and replacing it every couple of years!

  12. I hope it went well last night and you got your picnic set! I have held a joint party with my sister before, mostly because I had just moved home from Florida and basically had no friends left in town! I love Tupperware, haven’t been to a party in ages. I would have totally came along and would have spent to much $$ too!

  13. I broke my tupperware virginity last year and I love all of the stuff I bought. I even managed to get a pair of their awesome scissors in my mystery pack. Scissors which I have threatened to use in a castration if a certain man keeps using them in the garden!

  14. I’ve never hosted a tupperware party and surprisingly I’ve only actually been to 1! And that was totally more about the booze than the tupperware, if me dropping off drunk guests to their houses at 1 in the morning is anything to go by! I do love tupperware, and the set of tupperware containers I got Dave for his work meals are really good and he loves them, but they are expensive and I couldn’t justify buying more when, as you say, you lose half the bloody lids or leave it at someones house anyway!

  15. It’s amazing how many different parties in this style that there are out there now. I recently got roped into going to a Lorraine Linen party. There weren’t many of us there so the pressure to buy was stronger but I held strong and only bought kids beach towels (cheapest thing in the catalogue). Slight cop out that I’d rather spend money on something I don’t need than feel guilty leaving empty handed – I swear that is part of the strategy. Glad you got your picnic set. I have one from a few years ago and I use it all the time so good buy!

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