Money Matters

Lately I find myself being drawn to articles about money, family, retirement, the future. Don’t get me wrong, I still click on the occasional Kardashian “news” (hahahahahaha….news….sigh) but I’m reading more and more about things like “40 money things you need to know before 40“. We are too old to have our net worth be in the red, but that’s our reality. While I’m sure it’s a reality for most people, our problem is that we don’t actually have any assets. A VERY small savings account and a few electronic possessions which wouldn’t raise enough money to pay off our car loans and “interest free” credit card debts. We have no mortgage. I wish we had no mortgage because we owned our place, but no, it’s because we rent.

These 40 tips are mostly things I already know, but they’re not things we put into practice. That makes the world of difference, doesn’t it? The difference between knowing and doing? Tips like knowing how much you’ll need for retirement. I don’t think I want to know that or I’ll slip into a depression.

Tips like dressing and eating for your budget. That’s all good and well, but whipping up a filling and healthy meal for $10 isn’t always as easy as that. Nor is finding something to wear for less than $20. I’m not saying it can’t be done, I’m just saying it makes life that little bit harder.

The most disappointing tip. “You will never have enough money.” Well, I’m in my mid-30s and I’ve never had enough money, so I guess I should give up on my dream of that ever becoming a reality. Maybe the sooner I accept that the sooner I’ll get my head around our finances and what our goals should be for the next 5 years, which is when I will hit the big 4-0h.

The problem with money issues is that aside from winning the lottery or landing a hefty inheritance, nothing happens over night. Earning and saving money takes time, because usually as quick as you can earn it, you’re spending it on new a iPhone 5s every day living expenses. If we could just get our car loans paid off, our financial situation would automatically be better 10-fold. It’s that simple, and that difficult. I hope these cars last us a very long time. I dream of the day we have no car payments and can make better use of that money.

One of these 40 things you should know about money was that you will never know another’s financial situation. Without divulging that information to me, I’m curious…how much do you think about retirement? What guilty pleasures do you “waste” most of your income on?

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14 thoughts on “Money Matters

  1. Good morning lovely, You are not alone in your thinking. I think about the very same things and I’m only 29! The one piece advice that I have learned and which you have already written about is that it takes time to build wealth – to save. The other part of this is that we are creatures of comfort and want the easy way out, so the easiest way to save is to have a small amount deducted away each week in an account you can’t get into. The mortgage is similar in that it’s a payment being deducted every week/fortnight/month and you don’t have to think about it.
    Making a plan is great, but you can’t worry about it. All you can do is the best that you can do every day and make the most of every day. Some people have millions in the bank, saving it for retirement but they never get to spend it because they die young.

  2. I hear you loud and clear! We waste too much money on tasty food! I suppose it’s because it’s easier to get Pizza Capers for tea than me cooking but it’s $30 we shouldn’t be spending, especially now!! But you know what – things HAVE to change for us now, we have no choice. I reckon you’ll get is sussed, once you put your mind to it you can do anything, check out your change in lifestyle recently?! Exercise, fun runs, training – LEGEND! x

  3. Yep totally get this, we waste so much money every week on food that we just don’t get round to eating even though I plan a list of meals and try to shop round that we still waste a lot. Not good!
    It is true though, we will never have enough money, no matter how much we have we always find things to spend it on and always need more. Xx

  4. We’ve been a two income family for a long time till this year,t. That being said with our life changes of late, I am more aware of where we spend our money and eating out is where is where we let loose a bit too often.

  5. Our move up here is all aimed at getting ahead – feels like it will ever happen though – I haemorrhage money – particularly at this time of the year!!! X

  6. I think about this a lot too Aroha, and it bothers me that we don’t have a mortgage or anything of value either. I’m always trying to think of new ways to cut back on unnecessary items, but it’s hard some days!

  7. I have been thinking of my retirement ever since I started uni!! Dave and I always talk about how we will travel the world when we’re old. How we will make that happen, I really don’t know. We aren’t money savvy people and so I’ve been trying to do a little reading too. I think the closer to forty you get the scarier it gets. Hmm that sounded a bit depressing didn’t it? Must be time for bed 😉 Have a great rest of the week xx

  8. No, I haven’t really thought about retirement much because the most important thing for us at the moment is raising our family so we’re not in a position to be investing or saving loads as I’m a SAHM and the money we save is for holidays and home improvements. I’m sure when I go back to work we’ll be able to look towards our future and decide what we will do with the extra money. We are pretty frugal with our money and I couldn’t really say we ‘waste’ it on anything, perhaps the odd takeaway meal once a week but we don’t really go out much, so it’s ok because we budget for it.

  9. I am almost 42 and hubby is 43. This is a sudden issue for s. we have nothing beyond our house (big mortgage) and some savings. As a child of someone who died young I refuse to save tons now for an Unguaranteed future, but hubby is feeling a little pressure. Hoping kids strike it rich ; )

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