Almost There

Last Friday, as the bell rang at school and I gave my son a cuddle and a kiss, he started to get a bit clingy. He had been like this the previous week too, but I didn’t think much of it. All the kids filed into class, and the teacher said, “I was hoping to catch you today. He’s been a bit teary in the morning the last week or so and after morning tea when it’s story time, I see him almost nodding off.”

The end of year exhaustion is hitting my little man pretty hard. It’s not hard to see why. Monday and Thursday he is woken early because he goes to a friend’s place before school and they take him to school for us. Some mornings he is waking up with the sun and the birds (in non-DST-having QLD can be 4:30-5:00) which means he sometimes only gets about 8 or 9 hours sleep. A quick Google tells me kids Nick’s age need 10-12 hours a night. Mondays and Tuesdays we pick up our friend’s son from school, and this week they’ve wanted to go in the pool both days. Thursday they have swimming at school and then after school he has a swimming lesson as well. Saturday mornings he does an hour of gymnastics. It’s no wonder he is exhausted. Did I also mention he’s the absolute youngest in his school? A couple of kids turned 6 before he even turned 5 and he won’t turn 6 until the middle of next year. I think it’s all gotten a little bit too much.

The teacher I spoke with today is not the teacher he’s had all year. She’s doing 3 weeks in the office to fill in for someone else, so this is a new teacher. She seems great, and I’m glad that this has happened, because I’ve been worried about how N will cope with a new room, new teacher and new classmates next year. I’m starting to question if sending him was the right idea. Even though he’s coped well and done great in the classroom all year. I think he is just mentally and physically exhausted. I’ve spoken to other parents who say their kids are the same, so that makes me feel a little better about our situation, knowing he’s not the only one.

If I am honest, I am exhausted, too. I think this Christmas holiday will be good for all of us to recharge our batteries. It will be lovely to have a break from school, training, work (I have just over 2 weeks off in mid Jan and can’t wait!) and not going anywhere will be nice too. I’m very much looking forward to my “staycation” and having days where we just stay home in our pyjamas. I’m looking forward to spending full days with my favourite little guy, swimming, watching movies, going to the park.

There’s less than two weeks left. The big countdown is on!

How have your kids coped this year at school? Are you ready for the holidays?

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13 thoughts on “Almost There

  1. Yep, I hear ya. My nine year old and I are exhausted over here too! They really do pack a lot into the school day and then with extra curricula activities and all the excitement of the year winding up and all that time spent playing and growing it’s no wonder they get so tired this time of year. I love the word ‘staycation’ 🙂 Hang in there for the next two weeks!

  2. I’m so glad that you are going to have a break this Christmas. Getting up early when the sun rises doesn’t help your son with being tired. My daughter does the same thing but she is younger and not in school yet, so she can nap in the afternoon if she doesn’t fight it! Is he is Prep or grade 1? I get confused with the way the school year runs now.

  3. Enjoy the break. That must be hard to watch happening, when there’s not really a lot you can do about it. Two weeks! It’ll fly and then he’ll be bouncing off the walls because SANTA!

  4. We are more than ready for the holidays here. The girls and I really struggle with the whole five day a week thing at the best of times but at this time of year more so.

    Sending you both some fairy wishes and butterfly kisses from #teamIBOT 😉

  5. Isn’t everyone exhausted right now Aroha? I now I am, each day really is a struggle at the moment. On top of all the normal day-to-day we have the end of year madness to cope with and I really do feel like it is all too much. Bring on the holidays I say!!

  6. We did the same thing, sent Miss 5 this year at 4.5 and two weeks into the term she was invited to a classmate’s 6th birthday party when she herself wouldn’t be 5 until July. In hindsight I do regret it, she’s been diagnosed with ADHD and this whole year has been a struggle for her, but we couldn’t have really predicted how things were going to go and she was socially confident and seemingly ready at the start of this year.
    I’m looking forward to sleep ins and not having to do the school run every afternoon!

  7. Aroha – your poor little guy is obviously spent – good thing the last bit of the school year is a wind-down. We all need it. That first year is such a shock to their little systems, especially when they are so young – the break isn’t far away – hold on. X

  8. Oh I am SOOO not getting out of the house early when we don’t have to – we’ll have to take turns visiting and using respective pools – it’ll be awesome! Miss Moo is knackered right now and it’s tears central every afternoon over nothing- poor kids it’s been a tough year for them – and US also I reckon xx

  9. we are in the same boat – my 10yo has woken between 5 and 6 for the last 2+ weeks and is teary and fighting with her sister (also been getting to bed late – my fault). I am absolutely shattered and counting down to end of school! hope you all get some rest soon xxx

  10. I think it’s pretty standard at this time of year for most kids to be like this. My seven year old is the same, and not wanting to go at the moment either. Thankfully we will all get a break soon 🙂

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