It Is The Night Of Our Dear Saviour’s Birth

Each week Kirsty at My Home Truths hosts “I Must Confess”. This week her prompt is to share how you really feel about Christmas. 

Any parent will tell you, Christmas is different once children come along. There’s “Baby’s 1st Christmas” which is always special, then as the years go on and they get older, Christmas bears some resemblance to the magical time of year that it was when you were young. Only this time, you are the adult, and it is even more special to see your kids eyes light up over opening presents than it was for you to open gifts!

In the years prior to having Nick, I hated Christmas. It annoyed me that everything shut over Christmas. It annoyed me that everyone had family to go to. Living in the US, about as far away from my family as you could get, I usually spent it with friends. Then when The Mechanic and I got together we spent a couple of Christmases with his family, but we also spent a few just us. No tree, no decorations, it was about as Grinchy as you could get.

When Nick came along, there was a reason to have a tree, the lights, decorations, pretty wrapping paper. I remember his first Christmas, he had SO MANY presents, and he was only 6 months old! He was more interested in playing with the wrapping paper than anything that was actually inside of it!


This year he is 5 1/2 years old and he gets it. He knows Santa will come the night before and leave presents. And now that he’s started school I’m worried about how many  more years we have of him believing in Santa.

We don’t have many traditions, but for the last 3 years Nick has put the star on top of the tree once the rest of the tree is done. We always have a BBQ breakfast at the beach Christmas morning then open presents. This year I’m going to start the tradition of giving him new pyjamas the night before.

My sisters always rush off to in-laws places after breakfast, so the rest of the day is usually spent just us. And this year my sister who moved away won’t be able to be here anyway. I’d love to find something to fill our afternoon with, whether it’s volunteering at a nursing home or shelter, or just going for a drive somewhere not too far away but far enough that it is a little outing for us. Of course, living on the Gold Coast, there’s plenty of things we can do – spend the afternoon at the beach, in the pool, at my mum’s place in her pool. It doesn’t matter what we do, as long as we are together. I’m keen to read about what some other families do.

I have to say, I love Christmas. I love school holidays, I love that I’ll get to have just over 2 weeks off work to spend with my boy and to catch up with friends. It really is the most wonderful time of the year!


What do you think about Christmas?

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5 thoughts on “It Is The Night Of Our Dear Saviour’s Birth

  1. I love xmas too. We’ve spent the last 3 years in Chile so I get whst you mean about being away from home. It’s so nice this year to have an Aussie xmas and really feel Christmassy 🙂

  2. I love it when I read about parents looking forward to the holidays and spending time with their kids, more often than not it seems to be the opposite, so it is refreshing to read! Christmas certainly gets more exciting when their are kids around!

  3. I’m the same as you Aroha – Christmas never meant much before kids but boy it’s awesome to see their wonder and excitement now! We are hosting xmas this year so I’m looking forward to not having to travel at all and being able to just fall into a food and drink coma after lunchtime!

  4. Yep, another sucker for kids at Christmas here too. I vividly remember realising that Christmas wasn’t magic any more the year I turned 14, and I was so melancholy that I’d never get those mystical childhood experiences back again. I didn’t know then that I *would* in fact get to have them again, living them through the eyes of my own children, and no doubt in years to come, my grandchildren.

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