Conversations With Death

Each month the lovely Always Josefa hosts a “Conversations Over Coffee” linkup. This month’s theme is conversations with death. 

The older I get, the more I worry about you. Well, the more I think about you. And it’s not in a fond way. You’ve taken too many people I know, too young. And I can never seem to get my head around you. All I can think is that I hope you won’t be coming for me any time soon.

I have heard people, young and old, say they’re not scared of you. The old people I think may even welcome you, the young people I think just refuse to believe you will ever visit them. If I am honest, I am scared of you. Mostly because I am not ready. I hope you hear me loud and clear. I still have way too much to do. Maybe when I am old I will be unafraid.

I will say, I’m thankful you took my dad quickly, and didn’t force him to live a life of incompetency, like the life you let my uncle live before you finally took him. My grandmother still doesn’t understand why you took him before her. And I still don’t know why you took my friend’s 3 year old son in such a violent way. There is no rhyme, reason or method to your madness.

What is there after you? Life? Eternity? Heaven? Hell? Do you even know? Who do you take your orders from, anyway? Or do you operate on your own terms? I’ve got an idea, how about you start operating like Santa? Make a naughty and nice list, check it twice. Here’s a hint, the people you should visit are on the naughty list.

If it’s alright with you, I’d like to carry on pretending you don’t exist, if you could promise me you’ll leave me well alone for the next 40 or so years. Shake on it?

Linking up with Always Josefa for Conversations Over Coffee

Conversations over coffee - always josefa

4 thoughts on “Conversations With Death

  1. A great insight into something I suspect so many of us are actually afraid of! You are so right, there is no rhyme or reason to the way death works – it just happens. The best we can do is live, and live like death is never coming. Thank you so much for sharing this for Conversations over Coffee, especially like the Santa analogy xx Josefa

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