Wordless Wednesday: Christmas Deco Edition

We pulled our fingers out Sunday and got Christmas “up”. Next weekend is full of Christmas parties and gymnastics galas, so it had to be done. And who am I kidding, we never wait until December 1 anyway.








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26 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Christmas Deco Edition

  1. So beautiful. I love getting Christmas up. 😉 we never wait either. I so so so want one of those trains that goes around the tree! We keep saying we will get one but we keep having babies. 😉 one day I will get a train! For the children of course. 😉

    • We have so much on next weekend between Christmas parties and gymnastics galas we decided to just do it a week early. We’re usually early anyway 😉 It’s a lot of effort, might as well enjoy it for as long as possible!

    • yes well ONE set of sticky fingers is having trouble understanding that ONLY blue and silver go on mummy’s Christmas tree. We have 2 other smaller ones around the place for “the rest” of the decos! 😉

  2. LOOVE your blue decorations. We’ll be putting ours up on Sunday. Can’t wait! Although if that ol’ misery guts Murphy is around it’s sure to coincide with bub learning to crawl…

  3. I have one of those xmas tree decos with a photo of Summer as a newborn in it. The setting up of the tree and stretching out of the branches is the worst bit. Ours is all set up and one of the light globes has shit itself so the lights aren’t working, and miss 2 is shite scared of anything that looks even slightly santarish!! Can we just skip to January ploise?!

  4. I love your tree! Hoping to get our tree up on Saturday, Sunday we are having a christmas party at our place for our Mum’s group – guess I’d better be organised by then!

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