Beautiful One Day…

Queensland…Beautiful one day, perfect the next. So the slogan used to go. Here’s what my QLD looked like, from one day to the  next.










Linking up with Trish at My Little Drummer Boys for Wordless Wednesday

My Little Drummer Boys

29 thoughts on “Beautiful One Day…

  1. Wow great photos. Hard to believe the weather some days. Sunday and Monday we had jumpers and jeans on and so much rain, tuesday it was hot with not a cloud in the sky!!

  2. We live at either ends of the country, but it’s the same here at the moment. Sunny and warm one day, cold, windy and wintery the next. Over it, I need to get out in the sun without freezing from the cold wind.

    • It’s an iPhone app – lightningcam and it’s $1.99. I highly recommend it!! I’ve yet to use it while any awesome storm has been on. It really only records the lightning that goes straight down, not flashes and we seem to have mostly flashy lightning around here!

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