My Work Space

Over the last week I’ve had some serious de-cluttering/rearranging/cleaning compulsions so I thought I’d take some pics of my new-look work space. Unfortunately I don’t have any before pics, but that’s ok, because I don’t want to share what it looked like. I’d much rather share what it looks like now!







In case I forget my name

Linking up with Trish at My Little Drummer Boys for Aussie Wordless Wednesday

My Little Drummer Boys

14 thoughts on “My Work Space

  1. I wish I had a work area somewhere instead of just wherever I happen to sit down. I definitely need a house with a study area in it somewhere !!!!
    Have the best day !

  2. What a beautiful workspace! I have to say I’m just a little bit envious … there’s no way I’m posting pics of what mine looks like! LOL. I love your inspirational quotes and the manifesto for mums. I’ve got those little coloured lanterns in my garden 🙂 Oh, and you’ve got a great name too. xx

  3. Such a serene looking space! I am so jealous, my workspace is the corner of the sofa with my laptop and a view of the kids’ toys strewn all the way down the hallway. Perhaps one day I shall blog my shame!

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