The Scarf : A Give Away!

I should start this post with a disclaimer, in the interest of complete transparency and all that. I am not a fashion blogger. I don’t even know anything about fashion. I am one of those people, who upon seeing images from a fashion show, shouts (usually to myself) “Who the *$%& would wear that!?” Clearly that is why they are in the fashion industry, and I am in the golf industry. You probably couldn’t get two  trades further apart from each other, to be honest!

Never the less, I do try to dress in some kind of accordance with current trends. And one trend that I keep noticing over and over again, is The Scarf.

I, like many, have lived my life (up until recently) thinking The Scarf was just for winter. An accessory that was more about keeping your neck warm than making a fashion statement. That might be true….if you live in Russia. But here on the Gold Coast, or in Australia even, The Scarf is all about fashion, accessorizing, and making a statement, no matter what the weather is doing outside!*

My scarf collection has been pretty limited and boring. So when I saw Marleisa, from This Is Who I Am, had started her own business, I knew it wasn’t a matter of if I was going to buy a scarf, but when and which one? After looking through her stock every few days, I finally decided I just had to bite the bullet and pick two**. I decided on a plain aqua-coloured one, and a multi-colour one. It was really hard to choose, because truthfully, I just wanted one of each!


A scarf can add a bit of colour to an otherwise ordinary outfit


Love this way to wear a scarf – tied in a knot at the ends


Must find more to wear with this beautiful scarf

I had hoped to model these scarves for pictures outside, so you could see how great they looked for summer, but my procrastination a late afternoon thunder storm meant that if I wanted the pics done RIGHT THEN (which I did – I always need things RIGHT NOW), I had to settle for indoor pics. Clearly I will never be a fashion model (and after this post, perhaps never a fashion blogger, either).

What I love about Marleisa’s scarves is that they are really light weight, which means they’re great for all kinds of weather, and they are long. There is nothing worse when buying a scarf than to take it home and realise how short it is! They’re also big enough that earlier in the weekend I wore the aqua scarf to the pool as a sarong – sorry, but there will be no pictures of me in a bathing suit making an appearance on this blog. They also come in all kinds of colours and prints as well as the plain ones. Honestly, the hardest part about ordering my scarves was deciding which two to buy!

If you don’t trust my fashion tips (I couldn’t say I’d blame you), check out these fashion bloggers who do know what they’re talking about. Rachel from Redcliffe Style and Belinda from B Being Cool both rocked Scarf Girl scarves in their Frocktober quests.

Now the truly exciting part of this post, for me, is that thanks to Marleisa, I have my first give away on my blog! One lucky reader will win a scarf of their choice from Scarf Girl! All you have to do is head over and “like” Scarf Girl’s Facebook page, then leave a comment on this post (and make sure I can track you down if you win!). It’s as easy as that!

The Boring Stuff Terms and Conditions
Competition closes Tuesday 3rd December at 9am. Winner receives one Scarf Girl scarf of their choice (shipping included). Winner must contact Marleisa with scarf of choice by Friday 6th December.Winner will be chosen by random draw and notified by email, twitter (where applicable) and published on the Colours of Sunset blog.  One entry per person only. Open to Australian residents only. Prize not redeemable for cash. I was gifted a Scarf Girl scarf for this post, but all opinions are solely my own.

*For all I know it’s the same in Russia, who would know? They always look so damn cold!

**Scarf Girl Scarves are just $10 each or 2 for $15 with $3 postage. Check out the great range of scarves on the Facebook page.


And linking up as always on Tuesday, with Essentially Jess for I Blog on Tuesdays

24 thoughts on “The Scarf : A Give Away!

  1. I think you did a great job of modelling the scarf! I’m new to your blog – just found you through IBOT and now following you on bloglovin. I am a big fan of the scarf because I tend to buy boring clothes – so scarves are my way of spiffing myself up a bit.

  2. I keep thinking scarves are for winter and wonder whether I would use one in summer – I know that it would probably help to brighten some of my outfits but I just don’t know. Maybe I should bite the bullet, get one and see how much I use it.
    Thanks for the reminder that I did want to look at these and to stop procrastinating about it !!!
    I am off to like a FB page !!
    Have the best day !
    PS – love the photos !

  3. I love the green one! I’ve only got winter scarves and should try to dip my toes in wearing them more often. I always love how others look in them! And what a great price for these too!

  4. What a great little first giveaway! You look fab in those pics – inside or not 😉 I love scarves, seems like you always need them in Melbourne – I have a warm thick knit scarf out today and a soft pink, love heart clad one – wore the knit this morning and the hearts this afternoon xx

  5. I especially love that teal scarf – adorable! I have 2 scarves that are on constant rotation in my wardrobe – a leopard print one with lots of mauve and purples in it, and a black one with grey, pink and purple tiny flowers all over it. Hmmm seems I love purple!

  6. Oh – thanks for putting me in the same sentence as Redcliffe Style! Woot!

    Cute scarves you have there! I love mine – so nice to have a pop of colour!

    PS – YOU are adorable! Just sayin’….

  7. I absolutely LOVE scarves, I own a ridiculous amount but still want more! Winter scarves, summer scarves, patterened scarves, scarves that join completely (don’t know if they are even called scarves but meh!), I just LOVE them! Crossing everything that I win and if not I will be pointing my sister in Scarf Girl’s direction for my Christmas present!

  8. This would be the most humour blog post I have ever read about scarves. It makes me want to own w whole wardrobe of them, even if I don’t know how to wear them (and I’m not going to wear mine over my bathers…)
    Awesome post

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