Things I Know About First Time Mothering

A friend of mine shared this fantastic video on Facebook, and it got me thinking about things I know about motherhood. Take a look:

When you are expecting your first baby, there are so many things that go through your mind. What will labour be like, what will the baby look like, how will we cope with this, or that, how much sleep deprivation will we have? That first child comes and grows in a whirlwind. Before you know it they’re starting school, reading, speaking in full sentences, copying everything you say and learning everything they see and hear.

I know exactly what my sign would say. Actually, I’d have to have two signs.



What would you tell your pregnant-for-the-first-time self?

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4 thoughts on “Things I Know About First Time Mothering

  1. that really is a beautiful movie, thanks for sharing and thanks for joining in #thingsiknow. I am still not sure what mine would say, I like the trust your instincts one. Maybe mine would be something like You got this.

  2. 3rd time around and I am still learning about babies!!! “its just a phase” is my mantra, still is after 4 and a half years!! I guess I would tell myself to enjoy it as it flies by.

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