Things I Know : Pain

Another Friday is here, which means another chance to let you all in on a few things I know with Rhianna at A Parenting Life.

This week, I can’t stop thinking about pain. I can’t stop thinking about heartache. I can’t stop thinking that I wish these were things I knew nothing of. I wish these were things no one ever had to know of.

This week I have friends who buried their father. This week I have friends who are just trying to get through the 2nd anniversary of their gorgeous, cheeky 3 year old son dying after he was struck by a train. This week, I have a friend who’s father is unwell. The theme, this week, has been of heartache, helplessness, sorrow. and frustration.

In a week where my patience has been tested by my 5 year old son, where I have been at the end of my tether and on the verge of tears before even 8 am, I have been sent perspective. This week has helped me to think more about compassion, perspective and life. For it’s in the sorrow and in the grief, that we get the reminder of what life is really about.

Life is about the sunshine. Making memories. Being grateful. Wanting what we have. Making the most of what we have.

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Because one thing I know, for absolute certain, is that one day, our life will be over. That’s the only thing any of us can ever really be sure about. It could be sooner rather than later. But I hope and pray to God it is so much later.

This week, I know that the moments I spent with my son, out in the sunshine and fresh air, swimming, riding scooters and drinking milkshakes, are the important moments. They’re the moments there needs to be more of. They’re the moments life, and childhoods, are made of. I know that when we are sharing these moments, there is no whinging, no yelling, no frustration.

This week I know that I am going to try my hardest to make every day be filled with moments of bliss.

What do you know this week?

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14 thoughts on “Things I Know : Pain

  1. I once heard that pain is good, because it forces us to make a change. Even seeing the pain of others can help us be more proactive, and I love that you have taken this lesson.
    I have a lady at playgroup who constantly reminds me I have nothing to complain about. She is so inspiring

    • Some people truly do take everything in their stride, don’t they? I know I whinge quite a lot, and it’s something I consciously try to tone back. Eventually it all just sounds like “blah blah blah”. who has time for whinging?!

  2. Pain sucks and it sucks even more to see people you care about suffering and not being able to give them relief. I do like the approach and outlook you have taken – I’m trying to do a similar thing. Life is all too brief and we need to enjoy and cherish all those moments we get to share with our loved ones. I hope the coming week is less hard for you and for those around you Aroha x

  3. It’s hard watching friends and people you love when they are in pain, and feeling helpless. Think of them, pray for them, and show you care in practical ways … and treasure the precious things in your own life – hubby, kids, whatever. Hugs!

  4. A lovely post hun, but I’m also guilty of getting worked up with the small things, and that’s okay, as long as it doesn’t consume your life and I don’t think you let it. You have the right balance – thanks for thoughts this week xx

    • It is really easy to get caught up in it Emily, especially when it feels like a million little things thrown at you at once. one or two things you think you can handle, but when it bombards you….always thinking of your dad and hoping for a great outcome. xo

  5. I believe you need the tough times, no matter how horrible they are, to appreciate the good things. Life is way too short to be serious all the time.

    • Some people have more than their fair share of the tough times. I guess it is all relative, and we can all handle so much crap before we break. Here’s hoping we don’t get to that point!

  6. That’s a beautiful post.
    They say it takes rain to give you rainbows …
    I have a rainbow for you. You WON the Revenge Season Two box set! I have emailed you.
    I hope your day is full of rainbows
    Leanne @ Deep Fried Fruit

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