Things I’ll Never Understand

I must confess, I’m not very funny. Kirsty’s I Must Confess prompt this week is to share your most humorous post. While I think I am quite witty and sarcastic, those are not the kinds of humor that comes across in a blog post. I take that back, some people blog with wit and sarcasm and do it well. I’m clearly better at spoken sarcasm. Plus, I just don’t blog about funny things. Looking back through my posts, I am noticing a trend – I am really quite serious!

So, for this week, I’m going to confess about some things REALLY piss me off. If I think about some of them long enough or often enough, my blood starts to boil.There are some things that I will just never understand. Here’s a few of them.

Why do people drive 10km/h under the speed limit? Are they not in a hurry to get somewhere?

Why are some people such assholes? And why aren’t those people the ones who get cancer or have heart attacks?

Why do stupid people get to have babies?

And why do some intelligent, caring people not?

What kind of parent doesn’t give a damn about their kid’s schooling, friends or whereabouts?

Why do iPhones cost so.damn.much?

Why can’t we win lottery? I promise I’d do so much GOOD with my winnings! And I don’t mean just buy an iPhone.

Why do holidays take so long to get here, but then go so quickly?

If a new checkout line opens in the grocery store, the next person in line should be the first one in the new line. It’s manners and common curtesy. But who’s responsibility is that? The cashier’s or the customers? I’d let the person in front of me go next without cutting in.

WHY must I work weekends?!

Do you find yourself wondering the same things over and over?

Do you have something to confess this week? Or a humorous post to share?

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7 thoughts on “Things I’ll Never Understand

  1. I don’t think of myself as funny either – certainly not like Em from Have a Laugh on Me! I’m more likely to make people laugh by stuffing up when I am most trying to be serious/make a good impression!

  2. The people who have no desire to care for their children thing pisses me off sooo much. If you don’t want children then use protection, I know it’s not 100% but when someone has had 8 kids that they don’t give a crap about, then it’s not just an oopsy. Then the poor kids are left to deal with having arseholes as parents.

  3. Oh they are all on my list as well!!!! Especially the one about stupid people getting to have babies, also deadbeats and welfare leeches having babies as well!!! It’s not fair **stamps foot like a 10 year old having a tanty in the corner**

  4. These are all totally valid questions!
    The supermarket one: YES. Responsibility equally the cashier and the people waiting in line. But given the cashier is often a shy teen and the people waiting in line are usually aggressive 40-year-olds, it’s mostly up to the people in line not to be dickheads!

  5. Don’t get me started on what annoys me – that list is too long to go into here! But I agree with you 100% on the good people being the ones hit with cancer, etc – I will NEVER understand that. Thanks for linking Aroha and so sorry for taking so long to come and visit this week – hoping this coming week is more on track for me!

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