A to Z of Me : Part IV

I’ve just realised that when I first announced I was doing this A to Z of Me I said I’d do 6 letters a week over the 4 Tuesdays of September. Perhaps “U” should be for “Unintelligent” as I obviously thought there were 24 letters in the Alphabet. I’m sure I was trying to purposely leave out X and Z. Who wants to come up with adjectives starting with those letters!? I have to give credit to descriptivewords.org which helped me come up with some of these words below. Anyway, as a special finale bonus, you get 8 letters today! Gosh a month goes quickly when you have 4 IBOT posts planned in advance! Anyways, here we go!

is for Sarcastic. Like I mentioned previously, if there were a real peanut gallery, I’d probably be the president. I am that person who, when a speech is being made, has all the “witty” (sometimes obnoxious or annoying) peanut gallery comments to insert as much as I can possibly fit in. Sarcasm is my sense of humor, if you don’t like it or don’t get it, you probably won’t like or get me, either.

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T is for Tasteful. I might be sarcastic and snarky, but I’m always tasteful! I know when and where I can be insulting or rude but I can also behave myself when and where I need to as well. I guess everyone thinks they have good taste, but I like to think I dress and decorate pretty mainstream and, well, tastefully.

U is for Understanding. One of my favourite ideas/quotes/mantras of all time is “Seek first to understand, then to be understood” (Stephen Covey). I think if more people – as in you know, everyone – lived by this, there’d be less fighting in the world. I find often that people are too keen to get their point across without even listening to what the other person is saying. The ability to understand where someone else is coming from, why someone else has done what they’ve done or said what they’ve said or felt what they’ve felt is a very powerful trait. You don’t have to agree, but to truly be able to see things from another’s point of view is noble.

V is for Visual. I am DEFINITELY a visual learner. I don’t take much in that I hear because my mind is usually thinking about something else. But if I can see it, especially if I can see something in action, I have a far better comprehension of said thing.

W is for Worry Wart. One of my worst traits I think. It makes me insane how much I worry about things that are NOT within my control. I have been working so very hard on this but it is not easy to get past. I worry about money, my son, work (stability), bills, the future, the past (THE PAST! SERIOUSLY?!). My paternal grandmother was a worry wart, so I blame her. God grant me the serenity…and all that.

X is for Xenodochial. Which according to some website means you are friendly to strangers. Thank god for Google.

Y is for Yeller. As in I yell. Often. Poor Nick, as he is usually bearing the brunt of it. I just don’t like repeating myself, so if I’ve already asked him 5 times to do something, the next time it’s going to be yelled. Sometimes it’s the 4th time and I’m already yelling.

Z is for Zonked. Having to come up with 26 adjectives to describe yourself is hard work, even doing it in 4 parts! Not only that, but there were just no other Z-words that really worked. I wouldn’t consider myself zany, zippy, zesty or zealous! Who knew there were so many z-word adjectives?

If you missed my previous posts, here are parts I, II and III of my A-Z of Me.

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Have you done an “A-Z of Me”? Post a link in the comments! I’d love to read!

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24 thoughts on “A to Z of Me : Part IV

  1. Well done for covering X,Y and Z! Loved your A-Z of me series, great way to get to know you. Unfortunately I’m a bit of a yeller to too – I always feel crappy after doing it and promise myself I won’t do it again…until the next time 🙂

  2. I haven’t done an A-Z post of anything but I loved reading yours. If I do land up doing it, you will definitely know about it !!! LOL
    Have the best day and enjoy the holidays !

  3. I just got up and YELLED to my ZONKED out boys who were UNCONTROLLABLY crying their heads off because neither of them would stop crying – got it sorted now 😉 So what happens now – a 1 to 10 – eg This week I did 1 and 3 of something?! xx

  4. I yell too! It’s terrible but thankfully my three-year old seems to have suffered no lasting effects from my crankiness. I sometimes wonder if she tunes me out on purpose or it just some natural three-year old defence mechanism of claiming complete innocence when asked to do something.

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