The Power of Marketing

Last week all my husband and I could think and talk about was the new iPhone 5s coming out. We wanted one each. We have been so patient with our iPhone 4s (plural – one each, not iPhone 4s!) that we thought this was the one we were waiting for. We skipped the 4s, the 5, and I had said I was waiting for them to make marked improvements on the camera before I got a new one. Introducing the 5s. Improvements across the board. To top it off, Apple was having a 12-month interest free deal with the GE card that we have. Perfect!

The phone was slated to come out Friday and you could order them online at 12:01am. We contemplated doing that, in case our local Apple store had run out by the time we could get there Saturday morning. Since we can’t remember the last time we stayed awake that late, and since we’d have to wait for shipping and wouldn’t get that instant gratification, we decided to wait until Saturday.

At some point on Thursday, common sense kicked in. “I’m not getting a new phone” I texted to The Mechanic. “And I don’t think you should either.” We just got our credit card paid off in August. Were we really prepared to turn around and put ourselves $2000 in to debt over 2 new phones!?!? When really all I wanted was the updated camera? I have over $4000 of camera equipment. If I’m going to be spending $1000 on anything to do with cameras it should be for my Markiii. Yes it has faster technology, it has fingerprint technology (the reason The Mechanic wanted it), but goodness, are those necessities?

Do you want to figure out how to save some money? Let your contract expire and go on a pre-paid plan. When looking at plans for the iPhone 5s, Telstra had one for $82/month. That contract, over 2 years, would cost us $3936 for 2 phones. We pay $48 every 6 weeks for our pre-paid Woolworths plan. That’s less than $850 for 2 years, and a savings of over $3000. $1500/year might not sound like much, but I can tell you a lot of things you can do with $1500 that are more fun, more healthy, and give far better rewards and memories than buying the newest phone.

In saying all that, I must confess, I am still not so quietly pining for an iPhone 5s.

Did you get one? What do you think of it? Do you hate it and want to give it to me? I’ll send you my iPhone 4?

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10 thoughts on “The Power of Marketing

  1. I was an iPhone fan for all of about 5 minutes when they first came out, then I discovered the power of Android. I’m still 100% committed to my Macbook, but not even the slickest Apple marketing could convince me to go back to iPhone. I love my Galaxy Note too much.

  2. Nah, as long as it does what I want I don’t mind what version I have. My iPad also has a big crack in it, which i still use for customers to pay via credit card (using an app), for my business. I’d love a new iPad but I’ve got other priorities, I’m told the crack gives it street cred … I’ll use that excuse for a while, if rather spend the money on a skiing holiday … I reckon you’ll enjoy that $1500, the prices will come down and all will be good x

  3. LOL – I don’t have one and I won’t be getting one either. I’m not a fan of Apple products to be honest and, as I think you know, can’t wait for my contract to expire so I can go back to my Blackberry !!!!!
    I couldn’t justify spending that much money on a phone either – there is a heap I could do with $1,500 for two years !!!! I think you made a very wise decision – as hard as it was – I think it was a wise one !
    Have the best week you can and try not to pine too much.
    Me xox

  4. I’m living in the dark ages when it comes to technology. I’ve never had an Iphone or Ipad. We still have an old Nokia that doesn’t even have a camera on it and my husband I and both use it with prepaid credit on it. It feels a bit shameful to be so techie deprived if you’re a blogger. Ahem.

    I can’t really justify spending money on such things which I see as more of a want than a need.

  5. I’d like to upgrade but I have 6 months or so left on my contract so I’ll wait it out. I actually really love my 4S but it’s only 8GB so I will be looking to upgrade to a 16GB next time around. I’ll have to check out the pre-paid plans,sounds like I would save heaps of money if I could put off upgrading for a little longer!

  6. I have a 4s and I’m not planning to upgrade anytime soon. I got an ipad a few months ago and will have my current phone paid out next month so I want to enjoy a smaller phone bill for a little bit before I jump into another contract. I also want to see if I can get a better deal as I have 4 things with Telstra.

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