A to Z of Me: Part III

M is for Mum. This may not seem like much of a descriptive word. And I think as mums we spend so much time trying to identify ourselves as anything BUT a mum or at least “more than just” a mum, but I think it would be remiss to make M stand for anything else. Because if you ask me what my most favourite role, my most favourite gig I’ve ever had, is, it is without a doubt, being a mum. There is no feeling like it.

N is for Natural. I mean this in a few senses of the word. I rarely wear makeup, I often have hairy legs (but not armpits!), and I (think) I act naturally around people. I also love to get out and about amongst nature.

O is for Opinionated. Yes, I am opinionated, but I like to think that I don’t push my opinions on other people (unless they ask, then it’s game on!), and I like to think I share them in a respectful way. If you ask me about a topic, I’ll have an opinion on it. Sometimes more than one! Give it a shoot in the comments section!

P is for Peaceful. Ok, maybe this one is a stretch. But I kept coming up with things like “party animal” (I’m not), pleasant (boring), persistent (which is a nice way of saying “pest”)…and I thought you know what, peaceful is the most appropriate. I like peace. Especially peace and quiet. But also world peace, peaceful living, peaceful hearts. I think peaceful is a great all-round word.

Q is for Quick*.

R is for Resilient. The last few Β years have been a series of highs and lows, with some pretty severe lows. But instead of letting those lows beat me, I picked myself up, dusted myself off and channelled all my energy and frustration for good. We moved to the other side of the world, had a child, lost my dad, my uncle, a job, and 12 kilos (and counting). The thing about life is that no matter what, you just have to keep going, so you might as well keep going in style! There will be set backs, shit will happen, but great things will happen too, if you let them.

* Get it!? GET IT?!

Have you done an “A-Z of Me”? Post a link in the comments! I’d love to read!

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25 thoughts on “A to Z of Me: Part III

  1. I love this series of yours and getting to know you better !!! From the few times I have met you and your blog/FB page, I would say you nailed yourself very well !!!!
    Have the best day !

  2. I GOT IT!! Haha. We are so alike in these ways that you’ve mentioned. I can be opinionated too but I would always respect if your opinion was different from mine. Just wish more people would be honest about their different opinions too and not say they like something, but actually don’t, and bitch behind your back #justsaying

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  3. * I get it, I get it. What a great idea for a post, A to Z of me. I look forward to Z. I can only think of a Zebra and that may not be the bet descriptive word for you unless of course you are a zebra. xx

    • It’s the only thing I dread about summer – all the shaving! There’s a lot to be said for laser hair removal methinks. Have fun wearing heels this weekend! I only do that for dressup so hope it’s something fun!

    • I used to not be able to handle quiet, now I crave it! I don’t even put the radio on in the car all the time. Sometimes I just turn it off! 20-somethings me would be astounded and concerned. Stay tuned for X and Z! πŸ™‚

  4. Such a great idea, the A to Z of yourself – a lovely way to find out about you. That’s one great thing about winter isn’t it – the undetected hairy legs :-). Yay for you losing 12kg, you feel so much better when you get to the weight you are supposed to be, don’t you?

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