A to Zof Me: Part II

Continuing on from last week’s A to Z of Me: Part I, this week I bring you letters G through L. Let’s get started!

G is for Grateful. I’m grateful for my lot in life, every day. I know things could be so much worse, I know we are blessed to have steady jobs, good health, a happy and healthy son. We drive new cars, we have food in our fridge and pantry. We live in paradise! At the end of the day, what else could we ever possibly want?

H is for Humble. I don’t think I am better than anyone else. I don’t think I know everything, or have all the answers. I think humility is one of the most important characteristics a person can have.

I is for Interested. I do take an interest in a lot of different things. I find people, places, news, politics, religion, decision making, success and failure all interesting. As long as none of it is happening to me and I can just watch from the sidelines!

J is for Joker. Not as in practical jokes, more of a sarcastic/smartarse/wit type joker. If ever there was a peanut gallery, I would be the main member!

K is for Kind. For the most part I think I’m extremely kind. And compassionate (kompassionate?) I think you never know what a person’s story or struggles are, and it doesn’t cost anything to be kind.

L is for Likeable. I’m a “yes” person. As in I have a hard time saying no. Who doesn’t like a “yes” person!?

Have you done an “A-Z of Me”? Post a link in the comments! I’d love to read!

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12 thoughts on “A to Zof Me: Part II

  1. Hmmm, Humble. I ponder that sometimes. Sometimes I think there’s a lot that gets down but people that are a little overconfident or arrogant – they don’t doubt ‘it’ can be done. (but for your A-Z, I get the point)

  2. A! I love ALL these words! And as far as I know, they are completely spot on for you… good work! Its so nice to allign yourself with some positive words… really awesome!

    Humble and grateful and kind… such powerful words.


  3. I have a sarcastic sense of humour too. Sometimes though it doesn’t always work out and especially online I have to be careful that it will be taken in the light that it was intended.

    Thanks for sharing your a-z of me.

  4. Those are great describing words – here’s some from me:
    Generous with your time
    Hilarious when we get drunk together
    Just right – so I cheated on that – J is hard
    Keeping it real –
    Lollies – MMMMM lollies

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