Conversations With Spring

First light breaks earlier. The birds chirp louder. It’s not so hard to get out of bed any more. The mornings are still crisp, but the warmth radiating from the rising sun means you are shedding layers before 9 am. Spring is springing up in all corners of the coast. Flowers are blooming and the leaves are returning to the branches. The fallen ones, long gone. A distant memory, like the year just passed. It’s time for new life, new breath, new beginnings.

It’s goodbye to jeans, hello to shorts. And pasty legs that haven’t seen the light of day for the better part of the last three months. It’s hello to razors and moisturizer. If you don’t need a chainsaw to get through that first cut. It’s almost time for the bathing suits to come out, and on the Gold Coast, you’ll need them sooner rather than later.

For spring has sprung and before it’s begun, it’s over, and summer is knocking on the door. Soon first light will be at 4:10 am, an ungodly hour for anyone I know. Welcome to not having daylight saving. And we’ll be complaining about the heat, and wishing spring had stayed around a bit longer. Spring never stays long enough.


 Linking up with Josefa for Conversations Over Coffee
Conversations over coffee - always josefa

4 thoughts on “Conversations With Spring

  1. Love the idea that summer will be knocking Aroha. My pasty white legs are going to scare people on the GC! I love that we forget winter the moment Spring arrives, it is so true, and so good for the soul to forget and just keep moving forward Thank you for linking up to #convocoffee ~ Josefa

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