Stream of Consciousness {An IBOT Post}

Emily over at Have a Laugh On Me posted a 10 minute stream of consciousness post, which I took as a challenge to do the same. So here goes.

Why is it that as soon as you decide you’re going to just write about anything and everything that pops into your head for the next 10 minutes, that you suddenly find your mind blank? And why can’t I make my mind blank at pilates? Instead of thinking about everything else we have going on.

I’ve been lamenting Sunday afternoon work shifts for years now. When I worked both Saturday and Sunday I thought I’d be happy to just do a 4 hour shift on a Sunday afternoon, as it meant I still got the majority of the weekend to spend with family/friends/doing whatever I wanted, really. But now of course, it’s still too much work for a weekend. I know yesterday I just posted that I was thankful for job security, but sometimes I forget about that when it’s 1pm Sunday afternoon and I’m getting ready to go to work and the boys are getting ready to do something fun*. Although I have to say, last Sunday morning, I sort of couldn’t wait to come to work. Hubby went off to do the grocery shopping, while Nick and I washed my car and went to the skate park. I know, what is this, the opening to the opposite sketches?!** Of course N was wanting to wet the car I’d just dried, was whinging that he was getting wet, broke the lid off his drink bottle, and then the skate park was full of large boys men, trying to hold on to their youth. Work couldn’t come soon enough…until it did.

I’ve been quiet on the blogging front lately because it seems to keep falling down the priority list. Yet here I am, with a few hours up my sleeve at work, which is quiet, so I find myself with time to get some posts out. Sometimes I feel I have so much to say, but I think, “Why bother?!” Do you know how many bloggers there are!? I don’t know an exact figure, but I know there’s heaps, and you can read about anything on any given blog – food, education, travel, parenting, fashion. I don’t even know where I fit into that. Some days I’d like to just print out my blog, bind it, then delete my site and “retire”. Does anyone really ever retire from blogging? I know you can go to lots of blog sites and there hasn’t been a post for anywhere between 12 months and 5 years! So they just float out there in cyberspace, taking up room (and names!***). It’s a funny little world, cyberspace.

I keep getting interrupted by work stuff. How rude. It makes it hard to gauge my 10 minutes of rambling stream of consciousness. I just had a guy in here trying on shoes, who could barely bend over to tie his laces. It would be like being forever 8 months pregnant, and not being able to see your feet. How do people live like that? I don’t say it at all for looks/aesthetic purposes, I say it out of pure concern for their health. I for one want to live to be pretty old, so I don’t understand why it’s so hard to look after yourself a bit better.

I suppose that’s my 10 minutes up, if I include how long it will take me to go back and define my *, **, *** bits.  There’s nothing more frustrating than someone who forgets to define their asterisks, so I’ve been told (sorry!!). Sorry Em, don’t think stream of conscious writing is for me, either.

* They sometimes go to Dreamworld, sometimes to get groceries, sometimes to the skate park. Either way, it ‘d have to be more fun than working!

** Do you remember that show? You Can’t Do That On Television? I used to love it as a kid!

*** I wanted Chasing Sunset when I first renamed this blog. It was originally my ACTUAL name, but made me too searchable. Chasing Sunset was taken, tho no posts ever posted to it. If you happen to know the owner of or you ARE the owner, could you please contact me and relinquish the name to me? Pretty please with sugar on top?!

Linking up today, of course, with Jess for IBOT!

41 thoughts on “Stream of Consciousness {An IBOT Post}

  1. Lol. You can’t do that on televsion. Brings back the memories. I used to love that show too. I wonder if it’s on You Tube … Great post 🙂

  2. I love stream of conscious writing. It is such a great way to get the juices flowing.
    How sucky about the name not even being used really. Still nice to know that you had such a popular name in mind though. I think Colours of Sunset is a lovely name. Sometimes I wish I had a different blog name but I have no idea what that could be!
    Leaving some fairy wishes and butterfly kisses from #teamIBOT

    • One day I’d like to start writing when my brain starts going off on a tangent. You know how you see a flower and it reminds you of the flowers you bought at that florist that was in that mall, so-and-so used to work in that mall, I wonder what they’re up to now….and all of a sudden you’re so far away from that first flower thinking “How did I get here?!”

  3. I have to say that I love your blog name 🙂 and I hope that your weekend work and family life fall into a wonderful pattern for you xx
    Visiting from IBOT

    • You’re right, you can’t compare yourself to others for anything, especially blogging, but it’s very hard not to at times. Give it a go Bec, you never know what you’re going to come up with!

  4. Haha yes I used to love that show! Although mum hated us watching it. Yes why is it that the rest if the family has something fun to do when you have to be somewhere else but will sit around for hours doing nothing when you are home?!?

    As a sometimes blogger I often wonder the same things about where I fit and what the point is, but I do like reading back my old posts so I guess I do it for me more than anything 🙂

    • I think that’s the best kind of blog – one that is for you. Years from now I’d much rather look back and read about my family, feelings, emotions, things we did, than anything else! Thanks Erin!

  5. It only costs about $100 to get a domain name & hosting for a year if you want or or some other variant – pretty cheap for a hobby really 😉

    I used to work in a library and Saturdays were the hardest – when everybody else is enjoying their lovely weekend and I was WORKING!!! How rude (even if we did get time and a half!)

  6. I am like the guy that you talked about. I don’t like being like this and yes it is HARD to look after yourself when you are so depressed that many things people take for granted feel like you are running a marathon.

  7. Ha ha go you – great stream of consciousness blog – isn’t it crazy how much we think in a short amount of time – women! I have to say I love Colours of Sunset more than Chasing Sunset, but that’s just my opinion. Thanks for shout out BTW xx

    • You’re right Lisa. It’s funny, for weeks I’ve posted on Tuesday for IBOT and that’s about it, this week I’ve already scheduled something every day, and I’ve got every September IBOT scheduled. Definitely need to just write when it’s right!!

  8. Oh Aroha how annoying about Chasing Sunset!! Love the ideas here. When I find the time to sit down and write – nothing – blank – crickets. When I’m exhausted, tired and desperate to just switch off – the ideas come flying in…funny isn’t it?

  9. I just googled and it’s on sale…for $1,295! Wowzers! I like Colours of Sunset better, anyway.
    This post was such a great way to get into “your thoughts”, Aroha 🙂

    • holy smokes Grace! Thanks for looking that up! $1,295? I think they can keep it and I’ll stick to my colours of sunset! My head is not a place you want to be too much, so I won’t do this often, promise HAHA

  10. I do that a lot sometimes but just on one topoic. Just sit and write in the spare of the moment. I need to do it more often i just used up my last funny back up post. Ahh

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