My Wish List {A Listmania Post}

The ever-changing, ever-growing wish list. Everyone has one. I am no different.

But what is different is the things I now wish for. Once upon a time I’d have wished to win the lottery. I’d have wished for a fancy car. I’d have wished for a mansion.

Now, I wish for health. For my family, friends, everyone really. Because illness is not something anyone would wish on their worst enemy. I’m not talking cold and flu kind of illness. I want a cure for cancer. ALL cancer. I want a cure for Alzheimer’s/Dementia. I want a cure for ALS/muscular dystrophy disease. I want a cure for hydrocephalus.

I wish for happiness. Because it doesn’t matter what else you have, if you can’t be happy with what you’ve got.

I wish for job security. Money is much easier to come by when you work for it. But jobs seem to be scarce these days, and while I may have a whinge about having to come to work, I’m ever thankful for my and my husbands jobs, at which we’ve both been for 3+ years.

I wish for financial security. Not the lottery, just enough in our pay checks to pay our bills, save some money, and treat ourselves once in a while.

I wish for Nick’s future to be full of good health and happiness. I know there will be tough times, I know there will be heartache, and I can’t shelter him from the world forever. As much as I’d like to, it wouldn’t do him any favours. Life is tough as an adult, but kids today do it pretty tough too. There are more distractions than ever, more pressure than ever, more general cruelty than ever. I just want him to grow to be happy and healthy. The rest will fall into place.

If I could be guaranteed all that….then maybe I’d be wishing for a mansion and a fancy car! Hey, I’m only human after all!

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6 thoughts on “My Wish List {A Listmania Post}

  1. I wish for all those things to! Especially the health ones – I gotta say I agree that once all the necessary ones were taken care of I’d TOTALLY want ‘help’ to do all the boring shit around here 🙂 xx

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