Wise Words From Hollywood

I wouldn’t say I’ve ever been a HUGE Ashton Kutcher fan. I didn’t think “Punk’d” was funny. I never understood why he married Demi Moore. I didn’t mind him in a couple of his movies, and I’m looking forward to seeing him play Steve Jobs. But by far, the best thing he’s done to date, would be this speech at the MTV Teen Choice awards. I really hope that this speech sunk in for a lot of “kids today.”

“Opportunity looks a lot like hard work.” I don’t think he’s the first to say it, but I love that he said it. And I love that he said he never quit a job until he had his next job. This speech is so worth watching. It’s worth watching, sharing, and watching again! There are great messages in this short, simple speech.

I usually work afternoon shifts Friday, but not this week. I’m enjoying having a Friday afternoon off. What a great start to the weekend! Hope you all have a great one.


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