5 Things I Hate About Social Media

I know that social media is such a huge part of world culture today. And I know that it has many benefits. But there are a few things that I really hate about it. Here’s my whinge.

1. The addiction. I hate that I can’t go 15 minutes without checking Facebook or playing Candy Crush Saga. I’m surprised I don’t dream about it and/or check it/play it in my sleep.

Where do I check in?

2. The obligation. You know, when someone asks you to friend them on FB, or sends you a friend request and you feel obliged to accept? In-laws, bosses, kids friends (not in this category yet but one day?), your own parents…???

The Obligatory Friend Acceptance

3. The pressure. To make sure you don’t post too much and that when you do it is relevant or important or funny or significant. No one wants to be THAT person who posts a new status every 5 minutes and shares every little detail of their life.

Congratulations on being “regular”

4. The disappointment. That comes with seeing friends getting together and you weren’t invited. Or that comes with people announcing pregnancies when you’ve dreamed of making your own announcement for years and have never had the chance. Of having to suffer through watching others get and do what you want to have and do, whether it’s weddings, babies, travel, {insert other exciting life moments here}. Or just having to deal with people always posting about how much sunshine, rainbows and roses are in their life. *GAG*

They’re really miserable. That’s what I tell myself.

5. The connectedness. The 24/7 connection to the outside world, that makes you somehow crave that over the interaction with your immediate world. When did the people we were with or the place we were at become so boring that we need to connect with others we can’t see to make ourselves content?


Bonus hate: This is more of a technical issue hate, than a full on social media hate. I hate that in FB groups you can see who has seen something that has been posted. So you can post something, see that 20 of the group members have seen it, but chosen to not respond. I hate this from both ends – I hate to feel ignored and I hate to feel obligated to comment! And also in groups, that you can’t “hide” posts you don’t want to see. This would be very helpful, Facebook!

What do you hate about social media? 

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36 thoughts on “5 Things I Hate About Social Media

    • I didn’t even touch on twitter, but I promise you that one annoys me too! I can’t keep up, and when I try to converse with others I get one word replies, IF THAT. Good on you for deleting FB. I often think of doing that! I did it for a month once, and that was nice! Thanks for your comment.

  1. How true!! This Facebook thing isn’t ticking me off … but it is starting to tick off the Husband … he doesn’t have it so he doesn’t understand how fabulous it is to stay in touch with people not in your physical presence. I couldn’t do without it! (Or could I?)
    Addicted .. possibly
    Leanne @ Deep Fried Fruit

  2. Lol. Great post. I hate my addiction to social media too! I haven’t gotten on to Candy Crush and never will because I know it will just be a repeat of Farmville. I just won’t be able to stop. One thing that annoys me about FB is how people check in to locations. Why do you feel the need to stop enjoying the company of the person you are out with just to check in and tell all of the people who aren’t there where you are? In having said that, I have done it, but only because all the cool kids were doing it :/

  3. I agree, Twitter not as issue inducing as FB – I love FB, but I have the FB elite (about 5 friends who use it to engage on issues of the day, be it political or movies or random crap) and then I have a bunch of people who like collect and so aren’t quite as entertaining – it’s interesting but they put it up and I press like and that’s the end. With the elite, we argue, joke, discuss back and forth – that for me is connecting – pressing like is…well,it isn’t really anything.

  4. So funny to think how much has changed in the last several years! All these new terms that have emerged as a result, such as FOMO. I’ve been turned off Facebook lately and twitter. I check my personal page every couple of weeks. But, I do enjoy the blogging thing (and reading others blogs)- but I’ve toned back on the frequency of this too.

  5. I have to agree with most of your points. I feel very sad when we go out and see a group/couples and everyone is sitting looking at their phone instead of talking to the people they are with.
    I really enjoy twitter – FB – not so much. For me it’s good to catch up with people who I don’t ever see but other than that – I go through and ‘like’ quotes / posts and comment occasionally but it can be so time consuming I land up just shutting out.
    I have a few FB friend requests that I have just left in the ‘request file’ or wherever they sit when I haven’t said yes.
    A has FB but he never checks it. He doesn’t get twitter and often he doesn’t understand how I can have these long conversations with people I have never met – but if he is watching union or league, I’m not that interested and would rather ‘chat’ to my ‘imaginary’ friends !!
    Have the best day !

  6. The pictures are brilliant! The thing with FB is that all it shows is what the person wants you to see. They’re not going to check in at the Docs to say they are having their haemorrhoids treated (unless they are weird) because that ruins the illusion of their perfect life. I recently did a big cull of so called friends because I didn’t want them seeing stuff I had posted so I thought whats the point of having them on there when I don’t interact with them. I hope Im not one of the annoying ones but I fear I might be when I say what we are up to Down Under! :-/

  7. I try not to be on my phone all of the time, and I don’t see the need to constantly check out FB and stuff. I do use my phone in lulls though, like putting certain impossibly stubborn 2 year old to bed at night! Or else I would fall asleep myself.

  8. I dropped my son at high school, and saw many kids walking or sitting, staring at their phones. FB probably. It is certainly addictive, and I am as guilty as the next. All in moderation, I say. Try a screen-free evening, or a FB-free weekend. I knew I had a problem when I started dreaming about Facebook Storm Troopers!! Found you from IBOT!!

  9. I never got into Twitter and am so very slack on FB! I mainly just concentrate on blogs and Instagram now, and feel bad when I don’t keep up with stuff on FB, but seriously just don’t have the time 🙂

  10. I couldn’t agree more with ALL of them. I mainly hate that I don’t see most of people’s FB updates til it’s too late as I like too many bloggers pages from my personal account (otherwise the like doesn’t count) and so I miss all my friends IRL – if you know what I mean! CCS is the devil’s work that’s for sure xx

  11. Yep. I agree with this list. I have had friends who were upset their kids werent invited to a children’s party because they Saw photos on Facebook. You sometimes need a thick skin or heart of stone to not let it get to you.

  12. lol I actually can’t think of any social media hates right now, except for the fact I hate that I don’t have enough time to spend there! Mind you I have not really been online since the end of last week so maybe that has something to do with it

  13. I use to feel exactly the same way as you until I decided to make FB work for me. While you can’t control what advertisements appear on the side of your page you can control (to some extent) what YOU would like to see in YOUR feed. It takes some time but first thing I did was a big cull. I basically culled all the people who I would not catch up for coffee with in real life (sorry if this sounds harsh) then I created groups for my interests (running, blogs, favourite brands, just to name a few). I then groups my friends into ‘close friends’, ‘family’ and so on. Basically I only see news from people who really matter to me. If these people happen to be sharing really happy news then I am really happy for them. It’s very easy to forget that people share only the best parts of their lives on fb why would you want to share sad and depressing news? Just some suggestions 🙂

  14. I haven’t gotten into the candy crush thing, and I have been ignoring FB for a while and not posting as much as I used to. I try not to feel guilty about it, but I am trying to convince myself that real life comes first 🙂

  15. Agree completely! I was sitting beside a lady on the platform today who was just staring into space, and I thought to myself as I pulled out my phone to play Candy Crush to fill the 4 minutes to my train “wow, do people actually still do that?”. Her phone must have been out of battery 🙂

  16. Great points, Aroha. It’s taken me ages but when something on social media makes me feel left out or feeling obliged, I try not to overthink it. Like I said, it has taken ages and sometimes I think it’s still a work in progress.

  17. Candy Crush for sure – It sucks the time out of my day 🙂 and I hate the pressure that there is always something beeping at you to be answered or acknowledged. There is enough pressure in our lives and people who expect so much of you, so when your phone starts having the same expectations it gets me in a tizz 😉 xx

  18. All great points! Although as an add on to #3, when people comment on others status’ saying they don’t want to know, or stop posting so much…umm it’s their facebook. If they want to post about the giant pimple on their but go for their life..that is what the hide button is for 🙂

  19. Where is that Candy Crush Rehab Centre???!!!!! Get me to it 🙂 That silly games sucks up way too much time.

    (via FYBF)

  20. It’s sad that I can agree to everything on your list. I also hate when your friends ask you why you commented on this persons post.
    I haven’t downloaded candy crush yet as I know my husband will disown me as he already puts up with my checking social media every 10 minutes
    Visiting from FYBF and Sweet Little Pretties

  21. I agree with how you feel about Facebook. Being pretty new to blogging, social media has been totally ramped up in my world and it is full on. Only last night my husband said to me” “Make a schedule or this is going to take over your life.” I think he’s right. This morning I connect, this arvo, I play! Katie at Mumabytes 🙂

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