Things I Know, Long Over Due

I’ve had a slight reprieve from work today, I can go in a bit later. This of course means making up the time another day, which sucks, but right now I know I am loving having the extra time, and I know I’m making the most of it by doing a quick load of laundry and writing a long over-due Things I Know post to link up with the awesome Miss Cinders.

The biggest news this past week, well biggest celebrity news, was the passing of Cory Monteith from Glee. People were quick to speculate it was a drug overdose, because he has a history of substance abuse and recently came out of rehab. I hoped with all my might that the tox screen would come back clean, but we know now it did not. Heroin and alcohol were both in his system, and the coroner and media called it “a tragic accident.” In my mind, a tragic accident was my friend’s 3 year old being hit and killed by a train. A 31 year old man who has a drug addiction and has been in and out of treatment for his problem, who knows what will happen if he stays on this path, dying of a drug overdose seems more of a foregone conclusion than a tragic accident. If he was a random drug dealer on the street who died of an OD it would not be a “tragic accident” but because it’s Finn, it’s different. I know I am sounding heartless and callous. I know I don’t know what it’s like to have a drug addiction, or to lose a loved one to a drug addiction. That part is tragic. If it is my 31 year old son, then I’m sure my opinion would be different. I guess what I hope is that the millions of kids who loved the show Glee can see first hand what drug addictions are capable of. How many young and talented stars do we have to lose to drugs before kids wake up?

Another thing I know this week is that I’ve just done my first in-class reading help at Nick’s school. I had 5 minutes each with 6 different kids. None of them were Nick – that’s probably done on purpose but it would have been nice! Anyway, it was amazing the difference in reading levels. I feel quite confident that Nick is doing really well at school. At the very least, I know he’s not lagging behind anyone else in the class. But it was easy to tell the ones who probably have no homework help at home. I could tell the ones who didn’t know many words that have already been sight words last and this semester. I love that either The Mechanic or I sit down with Nick and do his homework every day. I suppose not all parents have the time, but I wonder how hard it is to find 15 minutes in a day to do 3 sight words and read one (very short) book? I know that kids who have great support now will probably do better later down the track.

I know the weather on the GC has been pretty much shit all year. Don’t get me wrong, we’ve had some pearlers. But in general, I’ve never seen so much rain in all the time I’ve lived here! It really affects my moods, it affects the industry I work in, which makes me grateful to be permanent or my shifts would be greatly reduced. I know we need rain, but I also know enough is enough!

Now I know it’s time to fold some laundry. I’m doing that to avoid wiping down the master bathroom, which is floor-to-ceiling tiles. Whoever thought that was a great idea was a complete moron. There are mould spots from all the moisture, and dust in other spots. Guess what I’ll be doing this weekend?


What do you know this week? Why don’t you link up with the lovely Miss Cinders and share?


3 thoughts on “Things I Know, Long Over Due

  1. I know that I totally agree with you on the stuff you have written about Cory!! He is/was I presume a well-educated young man who would KNOW the possible consequences of his actions and he CHOSE to do it anyway! I get a little sick of this ‘it won’t happen to me’ attitude that I see and hear so much from teenagers (not that he was a teenager but you know what I mean!?) But, like you, perhaps my opinion might be different if the situation was closer to home….

  2. I think I’d take GC weather over mine this morning. It’s all kind of Brrrr here this morning!

    I agree so much about the death of Cory. I’ve had a few childhood friends die from drugs… they were seen as drug addicts and nothing tragic about them passing away. Maybe they should have been famous first. Every person that passes away before what you’d consider ‘their time’ is tragic, drug addict or not.

    I used to do groups with my oldest two’s classes when they were in infants… I came home with head lice soooo many times! Don’t let your hair touch any of theirs! lol But it’s a great insight to how your kids are going compared to the rest of the class isn’t it? It also gave me idea to how they did things like maths in class, so I could follow that on at home with homework.

    MC x

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