Holiday Houses: The Pros & Cons

Do you get away often? We don’t. The last time we went “away” was in October, for 8 days to the South Island of NZ. You can read about that trip and see pics here and here. We jammed so much into those 8 days that it was exhausting and we needed a vacation to recover from our vacation. But we are always guilty of that. We try to see and do as much as we can when we go away, because who knows when you’ll get back to that spot and who likes to miss out on anything?

So when we started talking about a short, 4-night get away over the school holidays, my only requirements were that it was within driving distance, it was RIGHT on the beach, and there was not much to do around the place, so that I didn’t feel guilty for just relaxing.

While searching for accommodation in Hervey Bay, I came across a website with holiday rental houses. We had stayed in a house a few years ago in the Tweed River district that was fantastic, and everything I was looking for for this trip, but I wanted to go somewhere new. After making a phone call, I was disappointed to find out that they only did 7-night rentals over school holidays…UNLESS, the property was still available 3 weeks prior. So I hung up and crossed my fingers, hoping that when I called again in a few days the property would still be available, and it was!

Wednesday morning we loaded up the car and set off. I wish I had taken a picture of just how loaded the car was. See, the best thing about staying in a holiday house as opposed to a hotel, is that you have so much more space. You have a kitchen to cook in, a lounge to relax in, multiple rooms to spread out in and get your space if you need it…but the worst part is that you feel like you have to take absolutely EVERYTHING with you! Linen (unless you’ve found one that includes linen), pillows, towels, groceries – right down to the butter, tomato sauce, vegemite and sometimes even toilet paper! A tip for anyone heading off to a holiday rental house in the near future…the few things we didn’t think of were tupperware to bring home left over food, along with a cooler bag with ice blocks to keep refrigerated food cool, and paper towels.

All in all we had a fantastic time. My BFF from high school and her family joined us up there, and aside from a bout of food poisoning for her husband (LONG STORY!), we all had a nice time, but agreed maybe 5 month old Z was a bit too young for that kind of trip just yet.

I’d have loved a few more days, but who doesn’t say that when they come back from holidays? I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves so you get the complete picture of our relaxing trip away.

 _MG_0933 _MG_0996edit _MG_1071 _MG_1081






Where do you go to relax? Have you stayed in a holiday house before? What did you forget to take? 

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22 thoughts on “Holiday Houses: The Pros & Cons

  1. Looks awesome and how beautiful is that house!!!
    We learned the hard way about taking basics like oil and spices! Containers, eye masks (some houses allow a lot of early light in lol) and a flashlight!

    • yeah good suggestions! we were lucky to find oil, salt, pepper, glad wrap and al foil all in the house. there was no vegetable peeler though! And thankfully hubby had a flash light b/c he and Nick did lots of night-searching for dry fire wood sticks to get the fire started!

  2. That house looks amazing, how lucky that it was still free so you could book it. We always do houses too if we possibly can, (usually) it works out so much better, it feels like you get more freedom then being in a hotel and the locations are nicer usually too. Your holiday looks lovely. X

    • There was actually another house that was my first choice but it was taken. But it was ok b/c this house was great too. I’d love to be able to go for the min. 7 night stay but that gets pricey and means more time off work! Definitely more freedom than being in a hotel! Your Fiji holiday looks fab too!

  3. What an amazing place to relax in! I’m like you, always trying to squeeze in so much because I’m afraid of missing out and not being able to return to that place, especially if it’s so far away! I’ve never stayed in a holiday house before, but I would love to stay in one like yours!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  4. Looks beautiful!!! I am a big fan of the holiday house, Dave and I started staying in them when we went away for our anniversary each year. So much more privacy and you can do what you like at any time and in the end it saved us money because we could make all our own food and didn’t have to worry about eating out. I’m also a big fan of a self-contained cabin in a holiday park, its almost the same as a holiday house, just cheaper. I can’t wait to go away in November now after looking at your pictures.

  5. I was admiring your pics on IG during the week. It looks awesome. We haven’t rented a house before, but we do do a lot of camping, so are well practiced in taking everything every where 🙂

  6. WOW – it looks like a fabulous place. So glad you had a good break. I think it is better to leave a holiday feeling like you could stay a few more days than to have some days left and feel like you want to be at home !
    It looks like it was really relaxing – yay !!!
    HAve a great week !

  7. Lovely photos. I love to get away to the beach. When I was younger I used to cram a lot into a holiday, sightseeing here and there. Now I just want some peace. Our son is 6 months old so it might be a while before we get away.

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