Listmania : The Concert Edition

I couldn’t resist joining in for Deb’s Listmania this week, when she announced last week that the theme was CONCERTS! I love me a good concert, but my idea of a good concert may be very different to some.

If you ask most people who their first concert was, they can remember. I honestly can’t. I have a terrible feeling mum might have taken me to Seagulls* or some other 2nd rate establishment to see Eric Carmen, because I loved his songs All By Myself and, obviously, Hungry Eyes from Dirty Dancing. I remember he wore jeans and a singlet! I only have foggy (at the best) memories of this, but I’m certain it happened. I’m also certain I probably blocked it out completely as surely that could never “count” as my first concert!!

In high school I remember going with my group of girlfriends to see Rick Price. Oh Rick…with the long hair, the love songs, only heaven knows how much we all were in love with him. Actually, the entire theater knows, because we decided on the count of 3 we were going to shout out “We love you Rick!” Only one of my friends decided she’d shout “Rick Price!” And the entire crowd laughed at her. Including us. I remember going back stage to get his autograph and I think all I managed to stumble out was “I love your music!” Nerd alert!

Since then I’ve lost count of the number of concerts I’ve been to. Living in the US, where it is ridiculously cheap to see live shows, my friends and I went to several concerts every summer. Mostly we went to country concerts at an outdoor amphitheater, where we had general admission tickets and sat on a grassy hill. You couldn’t really see what was happening on stage, but you could hear the music and see the massive screens on the sides of the amphitheater. Alan Jackson, Tim McGraw, Kenny Chesney, Keith Urban, Martina McBride, George Strait, Brooks & Dunn, Braid Paisley, Rascal Flatts…I’ve seen them all, and then some. To pick a favourite would be impossible.

I could, however, tell you about my least favourite concert I ever went to. Bloodhound Gang. In a dingy dive in Jacksonville Florida. They were the kind of band who spat into the audience, I’m surprised they didn’t urinate into it, actually. It was completely feral and not my scene at all. But hey, if you’re into that then more power to you! I only went because all my friends were going and it was an excuse for a night out!

When my husband and I moved to Australia, we couldn’t get over how much things cost, and concerts were on that list. As a result, the only concerts we attended from 2007-2011 were Wiggles ones (team Sam, all the way, for the record).

I did go to see Thirsty Merc at the Coolie Hotel, which was a fantastic show. And hubby went and saw one of his weird bands there also. Sometimes those small intimate shows can be the best. I thought Thirsty Merc were incredible, and it’s a shame they’re not selling out bigger venues.

But it wasn’t until November of 2011 when we finally went to see our first grown up concert in Australia together….Elton John! We may have waited a while, but we made it a good one worth waiting for!

Back in January we went to see Keith Urban. I blogged about that here. What a show, what an entertainer. And, just quietly, what a hottie!

This past Saturday night we saw Guy Sebastian. Another awesome show. He is just so full of talent – his voice is powerful, his song writing is awesome. He chatted to the crowd all night and made jokes at his own expense. It took a while for him to get on stage, but once he did, he blew everyone (I think) away.

In September I’m going with 5 girlfriends to see P!nk and then in November hubby and I are off to see Bon Jovi and Kidd Rock. I guess we are finally making up for those few years when the only excitement we got was when Toot Toot Chugga Chugga started blaring from the speakers.

I just try not to think about all the money we’ve spent on concert tickets and what else that could have bought us. But we both love music, and any excuse for date night out, right? There’s no way I could pick a favourite concert out of the many I’ve been to in my time.

* Seagulls seems to be one of those places has-beens or never-weres end up performing

What concerts have you been to? Do you have a fave?

And are you linking them up with Deb’s Listmania this week?


5 thoughts on “Listmania : The Concert Edition

  1. I haven’t heard of a lot of those people which doesn’t really say a lot for my musical taste does it! I can’t remember my first ever concert ever but my first one in Australia was the Wiggles – it must be a right of passage! Second concert in Australia was Cliff Richard but we’ll gloss right on over that!! I LOVE Pink and have seen her in concert in UK she is amazingly fabulous. I’m well jealous you are going you’ll love it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Team Sam here too! I’d love to see Guy Sebastian. I think he’s a bit poo-hooed in musical circles from his Idol-start and TV-gigs but I agree, an amazing voice, talent & diversity in his music.

  3. should have included the wiggles on my list too LOL

    so jealous of your recent and future concerts – i heard a lot about the Guy concerts via my facebook feed. i want to go to bon jovi but doubt it will happen

  4. I’m just starting to get into the country music concert scene and am really enjoying the shows!! You have seen lots of the classics and I totally see how it would be impossible to pick a favourite!!Thanks for sharing ๐Ÿ™‚

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