Conversations With Winter

It’s sweltering hot, and I can feel the sweat running down my back. Curse this summer. Winter, where are you?

Tank tops, flip fops, ice creams, ice coffees, a quick dip in the pool; whatever it takes to cool off. Nothing seems to work.

Man, I miss winter.

I miss snuggling up under the blankets, hot chocolate with marshmallows, flannelette sheets and fuzzy socks, lazing by the fire.

Holy crap it’s cold. Where did winter come from? I wish we had a fireplace. Summer, where are you?!


Linking up with Always Josefa for Conversations Over Coffee

Conversations over coffee - always josefa


8 thoughts on “Conversations With Winter

  1. Ha ha just like me. I am currently lamenting the end of summer as I look out onto a wet windy Melbourne. And everyone’s UK summer status updates does not help my mood!!

  2. This is great Aroha – I have spent so many winters jealous of Queenslanders! Plans are already in motion to come back up there over summer for a few weeks – if I ever win tattslotto, I’ll be sure to buy a place in the Gold Coast – so then I actually can escape Melbourne winter – even on a whim – thank you for linking up to #convocoffee xx

  3. i wish we had a fire to curl up next to – that woudl be awesome. I am a spring girl usually but do love the blankets and fuzzy warm socks of winter! deb xx

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