I Must Confess: He Gets It From Me

Have you ever been sitting there, and suddenly your child comes out with a saying or a word that they really shouldn’t even KNOW, let alone say, and you think, “Where the heck did he get that from!?”

I’ve had that moment happen on several occasions. The problem is, we then figure out where he gets it from – ME!  Here are some examples:

Nick started saying, “Huh!?” a lot when we asked him a question or told him to do something. One day, my husband asked me a question and I said, “Huh?!” *lightbulb*

Nick had started walking around saying, “damnit!” a lot. We couldn’t figure out where he got this from. Until I was working on some photos on my computer when Photoshop closed on me unexpectedly, and I blurted out, “damnit!” *lightbulb*

I heard Nick getting in trouble for saying something a couple of weeks ago. “What did he say?” I asked my husband. He had said, “What the hell?” Where would he even GET that, I asked. I swear it wasn’t even hours later when the words “What the hell” came out of my mouth. *lighbulb*

Also, while listening to Pink in the car one day, he may or may not have asked me in the car once, “Shit day? What’s shit day, mummy?” Needless to say, no more (uncensored) Pink while Nick is in the car with me!


Everything he does that we have reprimanded him for, he gets from me. My nickname, when I was a child, was “stomp, stomp, slam.” You can probably imagine why, but I will spell it out for you. Whenever things didn’t go my way, I would stomp off to my room and slam the door.

This morning I told him not to throw his shoes. And 5 minutes later I walked into our closet and proceeded to pick up, and toss out into the bedroom, Nick’s blue stool. “Mum! Don’t throw things!” Nick yelled at me.

AAAAAARGH! Damnit!!!!

What do your kids get from you?

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12 thoughts on “I Must Confess: He Gets It From Me

  1. I can’t think of anything off the top of my head but I can totally relate to this post !!!!
    I think others call it karma – what goes around comes around – LOL. It’s so hard to take the line of do as I say and not as I do with little ones around.
    I hope that things are coming together for you and that you are feeling better this week – things will improve – I promise !!
    Have the best week that you can!

  2. I had a very similar thing happen when I noticed my boys saying ‘bumhead’ a lot and I had to come to the unfortunate realisation that they actually did pick that up from me. Oops. Another expression they used to say came from watching the Back To The Future movies, which was “What are you looking at, butt head?” Charming.

  3. Oh I am so loving this!!! How funny our little mimics are! Should I tell you that once, when I was driving, Grace pointed out her window and yelled out to a passing car, “slow down, Idiot!!!”. Luckily I did not swerve off the road!
    Your Nick is just gorgeous by the way xx

    • ha ha ha! that is funny!! Nick has said “oh my god get out of the way” in the car before! Ooops!!! I guess that one could have been worse! I say terrible things in the car! 🙂 And thanks, I think so too! 😉

  4. Yes, I don;t have to look far to account for some of my kids’ sayings either. Matilda comes out with “Oh My God” a lot (me), Gilbert is a fan of idiot and moron (in my defence, I thought these would be better to use in the car than swearing…) and Delilah is a lover of “um” (again me!) It seems I have a lot to answer for as well!

  5. I was watching my 15 year old argue the point with her Dad last night. The chin was out & she was resolute. Oooops, I thought…then I thought “i’ve taught you well”

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