Wordless Wednesday : Mothers Day

Sunday, Mother’s Day, instead of getting a sleep-in and breakfast in bed, I woke early(ish), donned my running gear and bright pink tank, and hit the GC streets with a few thousand other people to run the 8k MDC run. It was my first ever “fun” run (I argued if it was really just for fun we’d be doing the 4k, not the 8!) and it was hard going, but I loved it! It’s a great feeling crossing that finish line!


Catching up pre-run with some friends doing the 4k run


My tribute card



Standing at the front of the start line, a sea of people behind us!


Early in the run here


Headed towards the finish line!



I did it! And I have the medal to prove it!



Enjoying cuddles with the whole reason I am a mother. I’m so lucky to have this beautiful boy to call my son.

Linking up with Trish, Bree & Ai for Wordless Wednesday

My Little Drummer Boys


8 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday : Mothers Day

  1. Good one Aroha!!! Looks like such a great event, and for such a great cause. I would love to still be able to pound out 8kms, but I think even 4km would be stretching the meaning of “fun” a little bit!

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