Thankful Thursday Moments


Walking in to his tennis lesson yesterday he was so excited to be carrying his own racquet in his new tennis bag and I couldn’t help but notice how grown up he looked.

The shadow cast on the wall of legs much longer than his and I suddenly pictured him as a 15 year old, heading in to training.As much as I’d love him to be a top tennis player, I know better than to push my dreams on to him.

I’m just thankful that he loves it now and has fun doing it. And mostly I’m thankful he is healthy enough to be able to run around a tennis court and enjoy the great outdoors.

Linking up with Leigh at Six By The Bay for Thankful Thursday Moments of Gratitude

Six By The Bay


6 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday Moments

  1. They do grow up so quickly don’t there – how did 21 yrs go by so quickly ??? It just seems like a few years ago we were taking K home from hospital !!
    Have a great day and take care !

  2. What a cutie! My kids all played tennis as little ones and one still does. Their father is a tennis player 🙂 I like shadows coz they make me look taller (I’m short) and skinnier (I’m not skinny). Leigh is right….savor every moment….they grow up so bloody fast. My little boys will turn 21 in November and my baby girl just turned 18. It seems like only yesterday they were little. Min xo

  3. I often catch my breath when I look at my son and recognise (REALLY recognise) that he’s growing up. It seems to be in quick bursts rather than the slow growth of my daughter. We really do have to enjoy the moment, don’t we? x

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