Hiking 96km in 24 Hours

A couple of months ago, friends of ours started talking about how they were going to do the Gold Coast Kokoda Challenge this year. The Kokoda Challenge is a 96km hike through the Gold Coast hinterland that tests the fittest of the fit. Most people who complete this challenge say it is their greatest accomplishment ever.

So when these friends approached my husband to join one of the teams, he started considering it. Did I think he could do it? he asked me. Of course I knew he could do it! With the right training, and right head space, I think anyone could do it!  Going in their favour, is the fact that our personal trainer has done it twice, as have a few other people we know, so they have had lots of great tips for training and for the actual hike.


The pink dotted line is the route

{img source}

This hike takes place in July – the middle of winter! They have 39 hours in which to complete the 96km (in honour of the 39th Militia, the first Australian Troops to step foot on the Kokoda Track), but the boys want to get it done in 24 hours. If the weather cooperates and the track is dry, they just might be able to do it! There is no sleeping during the Kokoda challenge, and the only support you have outside of your 4-person team is your support crew, who can provide you with warm food, drinks, snacks at 5 of the 14 check points.

The goal of the challenge is to cross the finish line in your team of 4, completing the entire 96kms together, in the same spirit the Aussie diggers walked the Kokoda Track in Papua New Guinea.

Not only is this challenge a great  personal achievement, it is also a fundraiser for the Kokoda Challenge Youth Program, a program that helps Aussie teenagers. This program helps teens by providing team building activities, physical fitness and community service.

“Independent research has found that the teenagers who have taken part in the Kokoda Challenge Youth Program have experienced positive changes including increased confidence, physical fitness, self image and improved academic results.” – KokodaChallenge.com

You can read about the Youth Program here.

Each team that competes in the Kokoda Challenge is charged with the task of raising $1500 amongst them. That means each member has to raise approximately $400.

Our goal is to get 20 people to donate $20 each, and so far we have 2 donations. I know there are always fundraisers asking for money, and there are a lot of great causes out there to donate to, especially at this time of year with the Mothers Day Classic and other charity-based runs taking place. But I promise you no one will work harder for your $20 than Mike, Jason, Jamie and Andrew.

If you would like to donate to this cause, please contact me on here or through twitter for donation details.

And because it’s Tuesday, I’m linking up with the essentially lovely Essentially Jess for IBOT


24 thoughts on “Hiking 96km in 24 Hours

  1. Sounds like it will e a pretty epic hike! I hope all the training and prep goes well. Excellent cause to raise funds for too. Hopefully ill be able to clear some cash in the next couple of weeks so we can make a donation too.

    #teamIBOT was here!

    • No pressure at all Kylez! I know there are a lot of worthy causes out there, and I know things are tight for us at the moment too. Just the emotional support really helps the guys! x

  2. I didn’t even know this track existed! I would love to do something like that one day. Good on them for doing it. Remind me next month about donating. It’s a bit tight at the moment 😦

    • It’s ok Jess, I completely understand! I know things are tight for lots of people at the moment – us included! And the track goes on private property, so I think to do the actual track you’d have to do this challenge, though there are LOTS of treks out there you can do on your own! I think it would be an amazing accomplishment!

  3. My hubby was asked to do this by a group of mates who enter every year! Things have come up so he’s decided the commitment for training etc is too big at the moment but we will be on their support team cheering them on & maybe he’ll be on the track next year. All the best to your hubby’s crew!!

    • thanks Nee! I hope your hubby gets to do it next year. Truth be told, I’d love to do it next year! I think 80% of it is mental, so until I can overcome that, it won’t happen! xo

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