Currently I Am…{Listmania}

It’s been a while since I joined in with the lovely Deb over at Home Life Simplified for a Listmania linky, so thought I’d give it a whirl this week, because currently I am doing and feeling a lot of things and I think this will help get them all out, no matter how jumbled and random they are!

Currently I am:

Experimenting: With new products – a leave in spray conditioner for my hair, BB cream from Garnier and a foundation brush. After seeing a picture of myself from Saturday night dinner with the girls, that looked like I was not wearing any makeup, I started investigating, and turns out I’ve been doing it all wrong! Thanks to Kim from Kimbalikes I’ve got a new routine to try.

Grieving: For an elderly couple I’ve known since I was a child, who have just passed away within days of each other. In the end, it was his life’s purpose to care for his wife. I never remember seeing one without the other, and once she was gone, he could finally let go, too. It is terribly sad, but also somewhat romantic and ironic at the same time. Together again, as it always was, so it will always be.

photo 1

Waiting: For the June/July school holidays when we will finally get a 5 day family holiday! It can’t come soon enough! I have no idea where we’re going yet, but eh, that is minor details! The important thing is that we will be together, we will be away, we will have no responsibilities!

Watching: The Voice and The Biggest Loser! I’ve not been overly impressed by either, but for some reason I can’t stop watching! I feel like a complete sucker – the exact kind of viewer the producers target with their editing antics!

Dreading: Mother’s Day! I’m signed up to run the 8km Mothers Day Classic and my training hasn’t exactly been stella. I really only have a chance to put in a good distance run (for me anything from 5-10k) once a week – the weekends! It’s not really enough. In saying that, I did 8.95km in a PB on Saturday morning, but whether or not I could repeat the effort tomorrow, or more importantly on Mother’s Day, is anyone’s guess!

Basking: In the amazing weather we’ve had on the Gold Coast lately. After something like 8 weeks of constant rain, it has been refreshing, rejouvenating, invigorating, to see sunshine, blue sky, feel the crisp morning air each day. This weather is exactly why we live on the Gold Coast.

photo 3

Lamenting: That my boss is on a 10 day holiday which means I’m working tomorrow which means I’ll miss Nick’s first cross country race at school. He loves to run, and he’s actually pretty quick for his age. But he doesn’t take anything too seriously, and I’m sure will be more excited to run and laugh with his friends than to actually “race”.

Finding: My way through teaching an almost-5 year old about sportsmanship, team sports, being a team player. It is hard, made harder I think by the fact that in order to ever get him to do anything in a quick manner, we’ve had to make a race out of it. For the longest time we always let him win. Now I see the error in our ways, and we are trying to rectify that.

photo 2

Searching: For any inspiration I can find, to keep me motivated and interested in everything from work, to exercise, to photography. I am going through the motions, in hopes that I’ll come out the other side better for it all.

What are you currently…?

Linking up with Deb at Home Life Simplified for Listmania


6 thoughts on “Currently I Am…{Listmania}

  1. Love your list and having you with us this week.
    I ran the shorter Mother’s Day classic last year and had hoped to do the 8km this year. I fell off the running wagon so not happening. I am only just getting back to the gym again regularly. Good luck – awesome that you had a PB in the lead up – go you! – deb xx

  2. Found your blog through the Listmania linky – it’s beautiful! I think NZ took all your fine weather and you got our rain; we have had the best summer for years!
    I love your version of the challenge prompts – I’m saving them to use myself someday!

  3. I love this list!
    Good luck for the Mother’s Day race. I’ve got True Grit (military style obstacle course) the day before which is supposed to take about 3.5 hours and I haven’t prepared as well as I should – the running I can do but the obstacles – argh!
    Sorry to hear of the loss of your friends.

  4. Love your list !!!
    Good luck with the MDC. I am really glad that I decided not to run as it’s K’s 21st birthday and now, less than two weeks before the event, she has changed her mind about what she wants to do – uuurrrrrrrrrrgggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh ! Trying very hard not to stress about it given that we don’t even know if A will be home that weekend !!
    Have the best day – sorry you will have to miss the cc tomorrow 😦
    Love, hugs and positive energy !

  5. You make me want to join Deb’s lists, I’ve been toying with the idea got a while but really learn a lot about someone. Love your list, very telling. Absolutely poignant story bout the old couple. Same goes for me re: the Voice.

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