I Must Confess: I’m Worried

I really wanted to confess about my bad hair, per the I Must Confess prompt. It is certainly more light-hearted and fun than what I’m about to confess: I’m worried about our world. I’m worried about our future, my son’s future, my (God-willing) grandchildren’s future and so on and so forth.

It worries me that there are people who would think to blow up the finish line of a marathon, let alone actually do it.

It worries me that the media think it’s ok to show some of the images I’ve seen in the last week. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

It worries me that some news outlets would prefer to the be FIRST to report something, rather than FACTUAL in their reporting.

It worries me that pictures and names of suspects are released because this incites all kinds of behaviour – FB hate pages and look-alikes or people with the same name being targeted for starters. Then there’s the potential that they actually have it wrong and the suspect isn’t even guilty (but too late, because the whole world hates them on FB).

It worries me that people are terrorized into second-guess basic freedoms such as being able to walk down the street – or run a marathon.

It worries me that people think gay marriage is something to protest when there are clearly so many things ACTUALLY wrong with the world.

It worries me that there’s a country with their finger on a button, threatening to launch nuclear missile attacks.

I know worrying doesn’t change or fix anything. I know there are lots of people paid heaps of money to worry about these kinds of things. But I can’t help it. Why is there so much hate in the world?

What do you worry about? Do you have something to confess today?
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6 thoughts on “I Must Confess: I’m Worried

  1. I applaud you for this post Aroha – the world truly does not make sense. I’ve had to turn off the TV recently, I just can’t deal with this stuff on top of all my own worries (part of the reason I’ve had to step back from things this week). Sorry the linkup wasn’t live this week…

  2. i totally hear you. Especially on the news thing. I had the tv on but not watching when some horribly graphic footage came up while the kids were watching. We had a no tv day for the rest of the day. There is absolutely no reason to show all that they did. I lay in bed at night worrying about what the world will become as my kids gets older and i dont have as much control over protecting them.

  3. Yep, with you on this one. I was saddened also by the applauding when the Boston marathon suspect was taken away. Yes, I’m glad they found the suspect and hopefully justice will be done. But somehow it seems wrong to cheer – like the public is lowering themselves to the criminal’s level. Or is it just me?!

  4. Yep I could easily be a worry wart as well. For the most part if it is something I think I will worry about I just ignore it. I watch these tragedies unfold briefly then poof, wipe it clean away. I am learning to let go of worrying about that which I can not change

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