Things I Know About The US

The US is often in the news, for all the wrong reasons. The global financial crises, shootings at schools/malls/cinemas/insert-place-here, now the Boston Marathon bombings.

I’m hearing more and more  people, Aussies, who don’t want to visit the US because “It’s not safe.” It makes me sad, because I lived there for 11 years and called it “home”. I loved my time there, and often wish I’d stayed longer.

So in honour of the US – the US that *I* know – I’m dedicating this week’s Things I Know post to things I know about The United States.

I know that Americans have a reputation/stereotype for being loud and obnoxious. And yes, some are. But I also know there are a great many more who are reserved, down to Earth, caring people who would give you the shirt off their back and a roof over your head, if you ever needed it.

I know that America is a BIG country, with a huge population. That means things are more likely to happen there, and are more likely to happen on a bigger scale.

I know that I spent 11 years there and the only time I felt unsafe was when I took a wrong turn in downtown LA. If this happens, just run stop signs and red lights, no cop will fault you for that.

I know that Americans are strong in faith, strong in patriotism, and strong in spirit. You can attack them, but you will not break them.

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I know that many are facing difficult and desperate times. People can and DO do stupid things when they are desperate, depressed, defeated.

I know that no matter what political party you support, when there is an attack, such as 9/11 or Boston, the entire country becomes one.

I know that I’m hearing more people say they don’t want to travel to the US because they don’t feel it’s a safe place. This makes me sad.

I know that there are bad parts of the US, just as there are bad parts of any country, it’s knowing where to go (or not go, as the case may be).

I know that there is more – SO MUCH MORE – to the US, than what you hear in the news.

I know that I loved the 11 years I spent there. I miss our friends, our home, our local hangouts. I miss the holidays – especially Thanks Giving!

I know that Americans are wonderful people (I married one!) and should not all be judged by the stereotype or reputation of a few. They’re mostly an inquisitive bunch – everyone I ever met had dreamed of going to Australia.

I know that if you ever get the chance to visit, you absolutely should. It is a wonderful country, with so much diversity, so much to see and do, so much to experience (and I’m talking outside LA, Vegas and NYC!). I love the US, and it and it’s people have been in my mind and my heart this week, as they end up on TV because of another tragic event.

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14 thoughts on “Things I Know About The US

  1. I agree completely with you (except for living there for 11 years – I haven’t done that !!) – A and I did a 10 week holiday around the US after he had finished playing in the softball world series in 1996 and we had such an amazing time. Most of the people we came into contact with were just lovely, helpful people.
    It is sad when people only see the negatives of a country because, as you say, every country / town / city has it’s good points and it’s not so great points.
    Have the best day !

  2. I adore the states. Even after all these years I still maintain the year I spent touring the states was the best year of my life. I wouldn’t know it nearly a well as you but I agree, wonderful people and an incredibly beautiful country. Just so sad these events put it on peoples radar.

  3. Sometimes it seems the US is the one country it’s OK to talk about in terms of stereotypes and generalisations. Any country that big is going to be diverse, so it’s impossible to say ‘All Americans are like X…’ There are good and bad aspects of US culture, just like any culture. Great post 🙂

  4. Before I went to the US in 2010 I had never had any desire to go. I always wanted to go to Europe. Now, I still want to go to Europe, but I am desperate to go back to the US. There is so much more that I want to see and do. Dave and I both loved it and have already decided to save up so that once the kids are older we can take them for a family holiday. Sure there were some rude people that we came across, but we come across them in Australia too! I definitely agree that we shouldn’t judge all Americans simply by those that we see and hear about on TV. It’s just as bad as people from other countries judging us based on Crocodile Dundee and Neighbours!

    Great post mate, nailed it!

  5. Well said though I am anxious about traveling anywhere because of world terrorism.

    I found an old letter from my oldest son’s penpal written by an 7 yr old after September 11 and he spoke about the changes to his life in west Virgina then things going on normally.

    One day we might get to America.

  6. I’ve visited the States twice and have many, many close and dear American friends. My friends are loyal, strong and I know will do anything for me if I needed their help. It makes me sad that there’s so much tragedy happening there at the moment but like you said, nothing will break them.
    Great post, Aroha x

  7. Really interesting hearing from someone who actually knows a bit about the US. You made some interesting points and have given me a bit more perspective. I would like to see America sometime, but for now it finance more than fear that holds us back!

  8. My goal one day, is to go for a year, hire a Winnebago, homeschool the kids, and drive across the whole country. I admire their patriotism so much, and was so moved by the pray for Boston meme on IG. I don’t think that would happen over here 😦

  9. Totally agree, especially New Yorkers who are often given bad reps for being rude etc, during Sept 11 everyone was just amazing, there is nothing quite like a group of American’s chanting – USA USA USA to send a shiver down my spin!

  10. Gorgeous post!

    I think it’d be great to experience another country. But I’m happy in the one I’m in, so don’t think I’ll be going anywhere else any time soon!!

    *Although* if I could see the northern lights, that’d be my exception!!

    MC xx

    P.S. Sorry for the late TIK reply, my computer needed to undergo surgery.

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