Dear Nicklas

Dear Nicklas,

A while ago I was giving myself an ulcer over whether or not to send you to school this year. Born on the cut off date, I thought perhaps you weren’t ready – emotionally OR mentally. Without a doubt, a billion times over, I am so grateful we did send you off to school.  You have not only coped well, you’ve thrived. You love going to school, something I hope continues for at least another 13-16 years, and are learning so much every day you never cease to amaze me.

This morning you pulled a bottle of juice out of the fridge at the coffee shop and sounded the letters out loud, “B-o-o-s-t….boost juice!” In all honestly, you probably just recognized the font/logo from all of yours and daddy’s trips to Boost Juice but you still sounded it out and got it right! You try to read everything, and it makes me smile.

I especially love when you are singing the alphabet song,” A is for apple, a-a-apple, B is for boat, b-b-boat” and you get up to a letter and forget what comes next, so you start singing the alphabet, so you can find your place.

At the parent/teacher interviews before Easter your teacher said you were doing great. She has no worries about your ability, your attitude, your social standing. You sometimes tell me you play by yourself, but she assured me you’re hardly ever by yourself, and if you are, it’s by choice. She said your numeracy is great, and you’re ahead of where you should be with that. Next term things will get a bit more real – there will be homework and you’ll be pushed to write more. I have no doubt you’ll do just as great as you did this term.

I’m so proud of you for the awards you brought home first term – awards for reading, being a kind friend, working quietly and completing all your work, and not 1, but 2 student of the week awards are hanging on our fridge! This makes me especially proud because after the first two weeks, you had already had a warning. After a short discussion about how you could be a bucket filler and not a bucket dipper – something we talk about frequently – you then went and brought home your first student of the week award.

You’ve started tennis lessons and you’re about to start little kickers soccer. I honestly couldn’t be more proud of you. We are so blessed/lucky/fortunate , whatever you want to call it, to have you in our lives. You make us smile, laugh, and you warm my heart every day, (even when you make me want to scream). We will try to make school holidays heaps of fun before you go back for another term at school. I am pretty sure I couldn’t love you more, but then I’ve always thought that and you always seem to prove me wrong.

Love you “a zillion gillion” muches my boy.

love, Mum


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30 thoughts on “Dear Nicklas

    • The first day of school the teacher talked about filling people’s buckets – doing nice things for them, saying nice things, helping them, but if we are mean, or call names, etc it is being a bucket dipper – kind of like the emotional bank account. That seems to have stuck with Nick, as he’ll often say, if someone does something nice “That’s being a bucket filler, isn’t it mummy?”

  1. Oh YAY!! Go go Niklas!!!! I am so happy your decision has proved a good one after all the worry you went through.. He’s got a wonderful mummy and I am sure he loves you a bazillio gazillion times over too!


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