Looks Like We’ve Made It

I’m sure there’s a quote out there somewhere about knowing you’ve “made it” when you start to get haters. I’ve been fortunate enough that my little blog over here hasn’t garnered enough attention to get any hate mail, either by way of comments OR email. That is, until now. Finally someone was passionate enough about something I wrote to post a comment so scathing that I’m unsure as to whether to give it approval or just bin it.

I’m not sure how “Gary” found my blog, but he read my post about the mentality of arming everyone in the USย and was clearly upset by it. I don’t remember the last time I was called a biased waste of oxygen, numbnuts, or the scum on the bottom of someone’s shoe all in one exchange.

The funny thing is, he thinks I deleted all the comments from people who didn’t agree with me. The truth was, I never got comments from people who didn’t agree with me. Most likely because there’s only about 70 people who read this blog, and maybe a dozen who regularly comment. Chances are, those people are going to be like-minded individuals. I wouldn’t shy away from a healthy debate over policies and cultures, but outright name calling, and sentences like “I hope you get raped by a pack of wild negro crackheads looking for a fix and a sperm depository and you have no way to defend yourself” don’t really facilitate intelligent conversation. All it does is cement my argument that firearms are for the violent-minded and un-educated. I don’t really think that – not completely – but that’s the argument this comment makes, really.

I briefly considered publishing the comment and responding to it, but ultimately decided against it. If someone has something intelligent to say, regardless of whether they agree with me or not, it will get published. But now, and always, hate and abusive vitriol will not be tolerated.

It’s Tuesday, so I’m linking up with Jess for IBOT. Hope you’ll join in too!


45 thoughts on “Looks Like We’ve Made It

  1. I love that quote and I hope the blogger I was tweeting to on friday sees it. Jerk whisperer – classic! And congrats on making it. In my other gig I get them but it’s not aimed at me but what I wrote or the business I wrote about – usually angry dog owners about council regs. go figure!!

  2. Wow. I think there is always room for disagreement of views but name calling and offensive language is a whole different thing. That is why I started to moderate my comments too. I read that it is important to protect both yourself as well as your other commentors. I wouldn’t have published such a comment that does not facilitate healthy discussion either! And good on you for still coming out of that unnecessary verbal/internet abuse unscathed!

  3. Yep good call, if someone has something intelligent to say against your point of view, then fine. But that comment was just plain abusive and unnecessary. (and very upsetting at the time I imagine!)

  4. Your blog is your home, and you’ve every right to reject uncivilized and uninvited trouble-makers. Knowing you, I’m pretty sure whatever you wrote does not warrant such evil words from “Gary”. Actually, nobody deserves what he wrote.

  5. Gary sounds like a lovely fellow – NOT! not even disagreement but excessively harsh and graphic or a disturbing nature. jerks begone!! – deb xx

  6. Holy crap! I am glad I have yet to have someone respond to one of my posts in such a manner. I could cope with the scum etc. but the sentence at the end of the blog – I just don’t get where such a sentiment would come from. That is a seriously disturbed mind.
    Becc @ Take Charge Now

  7. I admire the way you’ve handled this hateful attack – you’ve kept your cool and not decended to his level. Entering into a war of insults with someone like this would just be a waste of energy. And you’re dead right – he didn’t even see that his disgusting comments actually proved your point better than anything!

  8. Gary’s comment has me convinced that people like him should not have access to semi-automatic weapons! The gun debate I’ve found brings some very strong opinions, even friends of mine get on the attack over the topic. X Karen

  9. And it is comments like that which completely proves the point you were making, if people have in their mind to say words like that, goodness knows what harm they could do with a gun in their hand. Good on you for handling it as you have. xx

  10. Woah….that seems crazy! Far out, I am the sort of person who strongly believes that everyone is entitled to their own opinion and has the right to be heard but when you start getting personal like that it just takes it to another level of crazy. I’m in aggreeance with the others, it’s your blog so you feel free to post what you like and haters be gone!

  11. We need to change the cAptcha ‘please prove you are not a robot’ to some kind of psych test, to ‘please prove you are not mentally disturbed. Nice response, Aroha. I had an interesting one recently to my tongue in cheek ‘end of the world – load of crap’ post about the December 2012 Mayan calendar end. Steve was very concerned about my sarcastic dismissal of the ‘rapture’. Interesting someone could take a lighthearted post so seriously. Interwebz hey?

    • Yes, it’s a long way to the top, but I finally feel like maybe I’m there. Ha! And I’m not sure if blogging about his comment is keeping the peace. It might be the bait in front of the shark?

  12. Aroha, your response is the best one – but gee, I held my breathe reading some of his nasty words – how can another human even say that? It is beyond me the hate that exists in some people
    Big hugs lovely, I think your words are beautiful xx

  13. I think you took the best decision by not publishing this comment. Answering him would not have brought you anything. You can’t have an intelligent discussion with people who use these kind of words, they are just to stuck with their own ways.

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