The Bucket List

Did you ever see that movie? With Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson? It’s about two elderly men who have cancer and decide they’re going to do everything they’ve ever wanted to do. I saw it ages ago, when it came out, and don’t particularly remember it being that great or that bad, but the idea behind it intrigued me. I am sure every person who ever saw that movie walked away from it thinking, “What would be on MY list?”

Two of my favourite Monday linkups are both talking bucket lists today (are you girls in cahoots?), but in slightly different ways. Kirst at My Home Truths is asking us to confess what is on our bucket list, while Deb at Home Life Simplified is asking what on our bucket list have we already accomplished? In the interest of killing two linkys with one blog, I’ll address both.

I often get caught up in the “I will never do or be anything” woe-is-me pity party. I think about the things I dream of doing – traveling, becoming a great (and busy) photographer, volunteering for worthy causes, teaching my child the wonders of the world, and I forget about the the amazing things I’ve already done.

* At 18 I left home, my family and friends, and moved to the other side of the world to go to university

* I spent a summer living in England

* I graduated from college and went on to work for two big junior golf programs

* I ended up running the second program for 3 years

* I’ve traveled to Europe, across much of the US, and to New Zealand

* I’ve adopted pets and volunteered for an animal shelter

* I’ve reared a (so-far) amazing kid

* I’ve studied and worked part time while also being a parent


Still to do on my list is

* live each day as it comes

* continue to put myself and my photography out there

* Get over my fear of flying once and for all

* Save enough money for a deposit on a house (even if we don’t buy a house with it!)

* Go back to Europe

* Do the 5 day Milford Sound trek with my husband

* Continue to challenge myself, stretch myself, and step outside my comfort zone

* Attend a blogging conference!

Linking up (late) with the lovelies, Deb & Kirsty.


13 thoughts on “The Bucket List

  1. Aroha, I love what you have achieved already – how amazing to have travelled and to have had some awesome opportunities at the same time. I confess I hope to meet you at a blogging conference sometime soon – it would be lovely to meet you in person! And as for Deb and myself being in cahoots, we’re actually not, but our minds must be eerily similar as there have been a few weeks now where we have done similar things. Don’t they say great minds think alike??? Thanks so much for linking up again this week!

  2. I love the idea of saving the house deposit and then using it on something else! I am with you on the blogging conference! I would love to attend one. The Milford Track would be a great challenge too.

  3. You’ve already acheived so much. All I’ve done is be a bogan in Boganville all my life, so don’t feel bad about yourself, be proud. Great lists. x

  4. I am yet to visit New Zealand yet but that is something else I need to put on my list.
    I think you should just go for it with your photography you are so talented. X

  5. Attend a blogging conference is on my bucket list too! And I hope to tick that one off by going to problogger 2013.

  6. Such great achievements – I’m in awe that you moved to the other side of the world to go to uni – I’m such a home body and there is no way I could do that.

  7. i want to do milford sound too!!

    let’s all meet up at Problogger in September as I will be there with bells on!!!

    BTW i checked out your photography site the other day after Em shared it and beautiful is just the tip of the iceberg – loved it – you are going to do it hon – i can feel it! – deb xx

  8. Wow you have both done a lot and still a heap of exciting things to do. I love how you are following your photography dream, I am just sure it will work out for you. Fairy wishes and butterfly kisses lovely

  9. I also want to get over my fear of flying so that I can travel a bit more, either when the kids are older or when they have flown the coop! I always dreamed of travelling when younger, but I let that dream slip away and sometimes that makes me a bit sad…

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