I Know It’s Friday…

Which means it’s time for a Things I Know post, with Miss Cinders over at Saturday Morning Ogre Mum!

This week I know the sun is starting to come out. Finally. We saw it a little bit yesterday, and we saw it a little bit so far today. I hope it sticks around.

photo (3)


I know that, even though I was skeptical about the school’s first fundraiser of 1.3kg tubs of COOKIE DOUGH – we still sold 12 tubs! OK so we MADE people buy them. Same thing.

I know that riding almost 9km on a really bad bike is really hard work!

I know that driving my sister’s 6-speed manual SS commodore, after riding said bike, is really hard work. The clutch is hard, the shifts are harder, and my arms hurt from Wednesday night’s training. Bad combination all around.

I know that I almost didn’t get a kiss off my son as the bell went and he ran to go inside class this morning. He is loving, LOVING, school! What was I thinking, almost holding him back!?

I know that I’m usually glad it’s Friday, because I have Saturday off work. But this week I am working to make up for some time I was paid for when we were flooded out.

I know that it’s another busy weekend for us – work, new tyres on the car, dinner at a friend’s, breakfast with a friend, a birthday party and some more work. Seriously?!

I know that this coffee is really bad, and if I want to stop and get a really good one on the way to work, I need to end this here and get ready to leave.

Have a great weekend all!


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