Thankful Thursday

Those of you living on the Gold Coast know what I am talking about when I say…”This weather SUCKS!” It is so rare to have rain weeks-on-end in this place we are so used to thinking of as paradise. We don’t live on the Gold Coast for the architecture, the history or the culture. We live on the Gold Coast because we love the outdoors! The beaches, the parks, the amusement parks. We live here for the BBQs, the bike paths, the sunshine. For weeks, WEEKS, we have had rain that has forced kids to stay inside, parents to go mental, and workers (especially tradies and casual workers at places like golf courses) to suffer financially. It is shit.


Yesterday we had an almost completely rain-free day. The kids got to PLAY at little lunch and big lunch. I got to play tennis. A little bit of normalcy was restored. Even if just for a day. Last night and this morning it rained again. But the sun has come out in bursts today, during which time I dash outside, much like a Seattle native, and take a sun-break. Forget smokers break, it’s time to start taking breaks when the sun comes out, because who knows how many minutes you’ll have before it disappears again. You can sometimes even see the blue skies. They are there, through the thick grey clouds that float above. Every once in a while showing us what we are missing out on.

I have cursed this weather, every day. But today, I will not be angry at the rain, I will be thankful for the few sunny moments we get. I’ll be thankful for the blue sky when I see it. And I’ll be thankful that we finally had a day like yesterday, where it wasn’t rain on and off all day. I’m thankful for the blue sky and sunshine outside right now!


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5 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday

  1. The weather has been just pitiful, hasn’t it? Yesterday was gorgeous though, I was at work an looking out at the sun on the ocean and it just made me so happy – the rain has made me miss England terribly but yesterday I just looked outside and thought “that’s totally why we live here”,

  2. I’m a school teacher in Toowoomba and it has rained here for almost 2 weeks straight. It stopped yesterday and today for long enough to send the kids out to play but otherwise we have all been stuck inside together! Twenty-two 6 years olds and I stuck in a small confined room with very little fresh air flow for pretty much 6 hours straight…..does not help our relationship building! lol….I was SO thankful for the small bits of sunshine that we got today but would LOVE it if it happened more!!!!

  3. I can completely relate to how you are feeling. I live in Brisbane! Loving the few little pockets of sunshine we have got recently. Looks like more rain ahead though! Very strange weather for us indeed!!

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