I’d Like To Learn How To Not Do Household Chores

Wouldn’t we all? Actually, that heading is a bit misleading. Two of my favourite bloggers have linkys on Mondays – Deb at Home Life Simplified and Kirsty at My Home Truths. In an effort to support both these lovely ladies and their blogs, I’m doing a bloggy mashup today!

Deb’s prompt for this week’s Listmania linky is “Things I’d Like to Learn”. This list could get quite long for me, but in the interest of time and, well, interest, I’ll try to keep it short.

I’d like to learn how to play guitar and sing. Don’t get me wrong, I sing anyway, and anywhere, often loudly, always poorly. Music is in my soul, and I don’t understand people who don’t listen to music or don’t like it. Simple as that. I’ve always thought it would be “cool” to be able to just hang out somewhere and “jam” with others.

I’d like to learn how to surf. I grew up on the Gold Coast so you’d think this would be something I’d have already done. In fact, I’ve only tried it once in my whole life, and I was 4 months pregnant, which is what my excuse was for not being able to stand up.

I’d like to learn how to be a world class photographer. I love taking photos, so when I take photos and they come out blurry or I don’t get the shots I thought I did, I am super disappointed. You have to be able to trust your eye, your equipment, and your instinct. I’m having some focusing issues at the moment, so hopefully once they’re cleared up my confidence will be a bit better. I think I take good pics, occasionally a great one, but I’d like them all to be great!

I’d like to learn how to speak another language. I’m not fussed on which language. Japanese or French would probably be easier, because I’ve studied those in the (very distant) past so might have better chance of picking them up. If I could learn Chinese I’d probably be able to get a good job translating, but I’d love to learn Italian too, simply because I love Italy and maybe it would make it easier to move there one day??

I’d like to learn how to ski. Snow ski. It always looks like such fun and the views from the top of some of those mountains are breath taking. There was some talk about a possible extended-family holiday to a ski field. That could be fun! As long as I could drive there and didn’t have to fly.

What would you like to learn? Won’t you share with Deb in her Listmania link this week?

Kirsty’s prompt for her I Must Confess linkup is to confess about your most hated chores. Just the word chores makes me think “Ugh.” But this one is easy – I hate laundry. I don’t mind putting it on, but I hate hanging it out, folding it and putting it away. Living in a unit, we use clothes horses inside, so it takes days to dry, and even then sometimes needs to be chucked in the dryer for 10 minutes.

What’s worse, is I always seem to be rushing to hang it out because I forget I put it on until I’m walking out the door to go somewhere. It’s also been challenging the last 5 weeks or so because we’ve had about 3 sunny days in that time.

I’ve said more than once, if we ever won hundreds of millions of dollars in a lottery, we’d just buy new clothes every week. I’m sure we could afford a personal shopper who would just select them all for us and deliver them, along with our weekly groceries, every Sunday afternoon!

What is your most hated household chore? Share with us at Kirsty’s I Must Confess linky.


30 thoughts on “I’d Like To Learn How To Not Do Household Chores

  1. I also would LOVE to learn to surf, but I can ski and it’s AWESOME! As for household chores I hate them all but doing the laundry washing is my least favourite – because I can hide it from sight, there’s no hiding a messy floor, bathroom, kitchen or dishes ๐Ÿ™‚ xx

  2. I use to work in a clothes shop, there were some weeks were I would go to work ten minutes early so I could buy a new outfit because I didn’t have anything clean. Thank goodness for take home layby and staff discount! Mind you this was also that same point in life that I could go over a month without doing any washing at all.

  3. I always forget to hang washing too, but then I forget everything. Sigh. I’d settle for learning how to be an average photographer, let alone a world class one, I really suck at it. Good luck with learning all those things, they definitely sound like a lot more fun than house work!

  4. I put a language on my list too (Thai!). Surfing and snow skiing sound like fun! I actually like hanging out the washing – gives me some peace outside (but the folding of it once clean doesn’t interest me!)

  5. I hear you on the laundry at the moment with all this rain! We are in a rental property (only a couple more months before our house is finished hopefully) and so I don’t have my dryer. When it rains, all I have is a little portable chlothes hanger thingy as well. Laundry sux here when it rains! But generally, I hate the hanging out (especially when lots of tiny things) and the folding too!

  6. I really want to learn to surf too. I can ski and I did try snowboarding once so I figure it is quite similar and when I do try I will take to it just like I did with snowboarding (although I did give myself pretty bad whiplash snowboarding so maybe not)
    You look fantastic in your surfing pic for 4 months preggo ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • thanks! he he! I couldn’t stand up for the life of me when I tried surfing. Hubby had an hour lesson though and he was standing up in the end. That was the only lesson though, never got in the big waves.

  7. Amen to laundry. In the interests of domestic harmony I wash and dry it and my hubby folds it and puts it away. This works well until he is off overseas on work trips… I agree about the joy of being able to jam . I have also added a language to my list – Japanese in my case. Good luck with learning your new skills.

    • that sounds like a nice compromise. my husband will put laundry on, and hang it out, but i’m yet to see him actually fold a load! oh well, at least he puts his own clothes away I guess!

    • Oh I’d love to be able to play piano too! I have on a couple of occasions found myself at events with pianos in the room and I’d love to be *that* person who can sit down at it and entertain!

  8. love your mash up – i dread hanging laundry out when i feel rushed, but am ok if i leave enough time – my dreaded chore is mopping floors. i think because first you have to sweep or vac and then stuff has to be all out of the way etc – seems like “mop” is the chore but really it is get ready to mop and then mop – cheeky chore! – deb xx

    • yeah I hate mopping too. Actually, I hardly ever do it, even though it probably needs it on a daily basis. Only problem with a tiled house! And your’e right – it’s all the prep it takes to get the floor ready to even start to mop!

  9. I would love to learn the bass guitar – that would be seriously cool!

    I’m similar to you Aroha – I don’t mind putting the laundry on but I don’t like having to hang it up, sort it out, put it away and iron. So tedious!!! Thanks so much for linking up to I Must Confess this week!

  10. I would LOVE to learn to surf, and I’d LOVE to be able to sing.

    Sadly I hate open water. And I have NO change of ever being able to hold a note!

    Oh you’re a laundry hater too. Kindred spirits! lol

    MC x

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