Thankful Thursday

I’ve been having a tough time, lately, trying to think of things I’m thankful for. Everything seems to be a struggle, to be too hard. Again. And I hate when I am in this frame of mind. The weather doesn’t help. There’s been nothing “golden” about the Gold Coast for weeks. Last Saturday the sun was shining for the first time in ages, and I can’t believe I didn’t take more pictures of it. I got outside and ran my first Parkrun at Kirra beach. It was great to be outdoors, sun shining, working up a sweat.


But the weather definitely is playing havoc with my moods. I don’t mind SOME rain. I know we need it (well, we did, we don’t any more!) and that everything certainly looks nicer after the rain – the grass is greener, the sky seems bluer. But there comes a point when enough is enough! I will never take the sunshine for granted again!  In saying all that, I’m sick of being a misery guts and sick of letting the weather get the best of me. So here’s a few things I am for.

I’m thankful I was made permanent at my job, because when I was casual, this kind of rain would have meant cancelled shifts which would have meant no income.

I’m thankful Nick is at school and they have to deal with the cabin fever, not me! I’m also thankful Nick is at school because the kindy he was at, that we loved so much and almost left him in for another 12 months, has fallen to pieces (long, terrible story, for another time).

I’m thankful we have friends coming to visit from the US at the end of March and that my husband has a week off to enjoy time with them. I hope all this rain has well and truly pissed off by the time they get here! I don’t want them to go home wondering why on earth we would have moved to a place it rains all the time!

What are you thankful for this week?

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20 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday

  1. I totally hear you about the lack of sun here – it has been dreadful. I thought I saw some sun this morning but it was only for about a minute or two before it ducked behind the clouds again !!
    Sorry to hear about the kindy – so glad that N is at school.
    Here’s hoping the weather has improved heaps by the time your friends from the US arrive – geez we will all be in a mental home if it isn’t !!!!
    Have the best day and try to stay as positive as you can !
    Love, hugs and heaps of positive energy coming your way !

    • Thanks Leigh. Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be any end in sight for the weather. 😦 I don’t know how I’m going to get through. I’m starting to feel like the sun will never shine again! Then yesterday when it DID shine it was steamy and disgustingly humid. Lose-lose!

  2. We had a shocking weekend here last week with the weather and this weekend is shaping up to be the same!! I hope it improves soon for everyone!!

    • See, I don’t mind the cold and the rain, but I don’t like it for 4+ weeks on end. There are times I love to have the sound of the rain outside, to stay in bed, watch movies, have an excuse not to go anywhere or do anything…but I can’t take it for this long! I am looking forward to winter, but only because winters on the Gold Coast are usually pretty mild and we still have glorious days.

  3. The rain has thankfully started here and God knows we need it …but ask me later how much rain we got.
    i am thankful i met a stranger and i passed on a RAK.
    I hope things get better for you next week .

    • Thanks Trish. It makes me sad that some areas so desperately need rain – we were one of those areas about 6 weeks ago. Now we’ve gone the complete opposite. If only it was as easy as sending it away to the places that need it!

  4. As I teacher I can tell you I am not thankful for this rain at all! (it’s rained pretty much non stop all week here too) and having to deal with 22 little cherubs with cabin fever! lol…. Am glad you were able to see through the clouds to find something to be thankful for…

    • I really feel for the teachers! It’s hard enough to have one at home with cabin fever, I can’t imagine having 20-25 in a classroom with it! At least they are getting out today, they have their first excursion. I am trying not to be a complete wreck about it and trying not to worry about bus crashes or lost children.

  5. I live in Brisbane and I know where you are coming from!! I love a bit of rain, the odd rainy day to curl up with a book…BUT…the amount of rain we have had has been too much. It affected my mood too. I was feeling down and grumpy!! Good for you for still finding things to be thankful for….and hey…CONGRATULATIONS on being made a permanent at work! Min xo

  6. I have friends on the GC and Im always secretly jealous that I dont live there myself…. I love the tropical rain you get BUT we holidayed there a few years back and it literally rained for 8 straight days!!!! I felt like I was going to lose it and the kids went crazy so I kinda know where you are at! Youve got lots to look forward to… Hang onto that! Much love xxxx

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