Listing The Blogs

I’ve been trying to share my Monday linky love between Listmania and I Must Confess. Sometimes the universes collide so that I can do one post that suits them both, sometimes I feel more drawn to one prompt than another, and sometimes I already have something in mind. This week, I have left everything til last minute, as usual, and have just seen Deb’s prompt for this week – Let’s Talk About Blogs – Baby.

You wouldn’t believe me if I told you I’ve had a “blog” since long before it was called that. This blog was started in 2007 (under my real name) but I blogged other places before that – livejournal, diaryland mostly. It hasn’t been until the last couple of years that I’ve started actively seeking out this blogosphere full of inspiring, funny, heart-felt, emotional, women (and men!) who call themselves “bloggers.”

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Deb is asking us to share 5 blogs we’ve known for a while, and 5 blogs we’ve just discovered. So without further ado, here – in no particular order – is my “list”:

5 I’ve Followed For A While

1. “Me” also known as “L” – Blogs at My Journey – Am I There Yet?    I have had the pleasure of meeting this lovely lady in person several times. She’s a fello Gold Coaster and a fellow runner.  She’s been inspirational to me, supportive and encouraging beyond belief, and a genuine friend when I’ve needed it. She knows my greatest joys, my greatest sorrows. I’m so thankful the blogging world brought us together. One of the things I admire the most is her relationship with her husband. Get a taste of it in this blog post.

2. Trish – Blogs at My Little Drummer Boys   Words can’t describe how much I admire Trish. So it’s fitting she is the host of Wordless Wednesday! Even when she is going through tough times, fighting her own battles, she is kind and supportive of others. She is the one who shared with me, “A wise person once said, if we all threw our problems in a pile, we’d be quick to take our own back” (or something along those lines – regardless, the message has stuck with me!). Check out this blog full of amazing strength and courage

3. Jocelyn – Blogs at Life as Mummy Max    Jocelyn is another source of inspiration. Keeping up with 3 kiddos while also going through tough times of her own, medically, she is a fighter! She was one of the very first bloggers I interacted with and visited regularly. I mostly love her honesty and her compassion for others. Check out this post about a recent visit to the cardiologist.

4. Jess – Blogs at Essentially Jess    Jess needs no introduction, she’s a superstar in her own right! Telling it how it is, making me laugh, cry, and let’s not forget hosting one of the biggest linkups of the week, IBOT, which I’m so happy to be a part of. Ever concerned about others, Jess blogs from her heart, and makes sure she doesn’t alienate or offend anyone in the process. Check out this recent post on just how “rich” Jess is.

5. Michelle – Blogs at Jarrah Jungle   I can’t even remember how I found Michelle’s blog. Maybe she found mine? Either way, this woman (with the help of her man) knows how to renovate a house! If you need home decorating/renovating inspiration, check out Jarrah Jungle! She also likes to talk books and wine in between bathroom mirrors and living room light fittings. Check out this blog where she recounts step-by-step the hallway renovation (look at those floors!)

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5 I’ve Recently Discovered

1. Josefa – Blogs at Always Josefa    A beautiful woman, wife, mum, who is also venturing into the parenting years of having a child at school. Check out this blog about her eldest starting school. She’s also a fellow Team #IBOTer and I’ve enjoyed getting to know her over the last 6 or so weeks since I discovered her blog.

2. Sophie – Blogs at iSophie    Another fellow Team IBOTer who is a lucky mum to 4 gorgeous boys! She also happens to take amazing photos! Check out this blog of the Toddler Tanty’s. Hilarious!

3. Rhian – Blogs at The Only Way Is Melbourne   A fairly recent, British import to Melbourne. She is blogging about their adventures in Australia and the difficulties of making new friends, leaving old ones behind, and missing home when you’re a whole world away. She’s lovely, and also a fellow parkrunner! I’m still waiting for her to sign up for her first triathlon before I sign up for mine, though! Check out this blog about what she thinks about us Aussies.

4.   Matt – Blogs at Dad Down Under   Another British import. In Melbourne. Seriously, why do they all go there? One of the few, but refreshing, daddy bloggers. Hey, if we have to wear the label mummy bloggers, I think it’s only fair! A tongue in cheek (mostly?!) account of life as a stay at home parent, through the eyes of a male. Check out this post about Matt finding himself in the minority for the first time in his life.

5. Emily – Blogs at Have A Laugh On Me    How could I not include Em? I’ve only recently discovered her because she’s only recently started blogging. But I knew Em long before she had a blog and it’s fun to have an “IRL” friend join the blogosphere. You’ve no doubt seen her around the traps, as she does nothing by halves, and has thrown herself lock, stock and barrel in to this awesome community. I love this recent post about her flight to FNQ with her sister and can just imagine being on that plane with them.

So there you have it. Just 10 of the heaps and heaps of bloggers that I have in my news feeds, and try (and unfortunately often fail) desperately to keep up with. I hope you will join in Deb’s Monday Listmania Linky with 10 of your favourite bloggers!


25 thoughts on “Listing The Blogs

  1. Aww bless thanks girl. I never knew what an awesome and supportive world the bloggersphere (probably not a word) was.
    Whether it’s a coincidence or not but I feel much calmer and better equipped to deal with my life since I started blogging.
    It is hard to keep up with everyone, and the Husband has recently started making comments that I’m always on the computer, it used to be the other way around!
    I’m also a fan of most of those on your list 🙂
    Gotta go and tend to 3 sicks kids – BOO

  2. Oh my friend – thank you so much for that shout out. I feel truly honoured to have made your list. Thank you for the others you have shared that I didn’t know about – I’ll be off to visit them when I’m not at work !!!!
    I too am so thankful that the blogging world has brought us together – you have been inspirational to me and often when I am thinking about running (or not), it’s your voice I hear cheering me on.
    Have the best week and take care ! Love, hugs and positive energy !

  3. Wow, thank you for including me on your list, you have made my day! I know of and read some of the others on your list but I will go and check out the ones that I don’t know of.
    I WILL do the triathlon I Will – especially now you’ve exposed me
    It’s hard to train though with all these blogs to read!!!!!! 😉

  4. Great list – some i know and a few I don’t. Now that I know you and Em are friends I must insist we meet up sometime together – LOL you are both awesome and I cannot believe how fast and deep Em has jumped into blogging!!! – deb xx

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