Thank God It’s Friday

There should be a TGIF linky. A “Thank God It’s Friday because”….linky, maybe.

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I love Fridays, because it means I get the next day and a half off with my two boys. As usual, the weekends are jam-packed full of things to do and are never very “relaxing” per se, but they sure beat being at work and school! I have to be honest, I don’t exactly have it rough. I work Sunday (4 hours), Monday, Thursday and Friday, which means I have Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and most of Sunday off. It’s more than a lot of working mums get, but it still seems to be such a chore to go to work, and I love every minute I’m away from the joint!

I love Fridays now that Nick is in school because it means 2 days of not having to get to school for drop off/pick up, fight with parking (I was mere minutes away from getting a parking ticket this morning!). And it means he gets 2 days of not having to be out the door by 8:30 for school. Most likely we’ll be out the door by 8:30 anyway, but it’s much more fun to be heading out to the beach than to be heading out to school!

I love Fridays because it’s one of the days we don’t have to rush around after school for training or swimming. We’ll soon be adding tennis into the mix, so Monday, Wednesday, Thursday will all have after-school activities. It just gets exhausting. It’s nice to have three days without worrying about all that “stuff”.

I love Fridays because it typically means the husband is cooking, as I don’t get out of work until 6pm. And if he’s not cooking, then we’re probably having take out or going out. Even better!

I love Fridays because it seems like a good excuse to have a glass of wine (or two), and stay up later than you normally would, because if you sleep in tomorrow, eh, it doesn’t really matter!

I love Fridays because it means we get to Flog our Blogs with Grace!

Tell me, what do you love about Friday? 

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22 thoughts on “Thank God It’s Friday

  1. LOL – I love Friday’s too because it means I have two days off work which is always good.
    I don’t want to point out the obvious (but I will anyway) – you have many years ahead of you making lunches, traipsing around extra curricular activities, getting N off to school – just wait until the weekend sport starts – then that eats into your weekend time and unless you stop him participating, not much you can do except take him where he needs to be adn enjoy watching him participate !!!
    Have the best weekend !
    Love, hugs and positive energy !

  2. I love Fridays because I know the next two days we get to spend as a family, and I get some help chasing after the toddler around! But our weekends have been chaotic lately with selling our house and moving that they aren’t very relaxing! x Karen

  3. I gotta say Fridays aren’t anything special for me, with the Husband working on Saturdays, and I have to drag two kids to school drop off, so Fridays aren’t actually shitty for me – but stoked they’re not for you 🙂 xxxx

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