Crushes: Then and Now

I am loving Deb’s Listmania prompt this week, because it will easily fit in with Kirsty’s I Must Confess at My Home Truths as well. Crushes: Then and Now! Oh the skeletons this will bring out of my closet. I have a feeling a lot of other mums my age would have had the same crushes.

I must confess, my first TV crush was Scott Baio as Charles in Charles in Charge, followed very closely by Kirk Cameron as Mike Seaver on Growing Pains. I had a crush on him for a very long time and even watched him in the movie adaptation of the Left Behind series. Then in the late 80s I had a massive crush on Uncle Jesse. Who didn’t?

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Fast forward a few years, and I have to say, all three of these guys are still fairly good looking! They have aged well! However, they would not make my top three anymore. It’s hard to pick who my crushes now are, as I feel my answers today would be influenced by recent events. The Australian Open and a concert we went to, to name two. Can you guess already?

source –

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Yep, Roger Federer and Keith Urban. As much (if not more so) for their talent and personality as for their looks. I feel like I should have a third, to balance this out, but I can’t think of one off the top of my head. I can’t say “my husband” because that is lame-o. There’s plenty of good looking actors I could list, but I don’t “know” them like I do Rog and Keith (cause you know, we’re tight like that). Ultimately they’re just eye candy. I am sure a lot of them do good work and are down-to-earth, genuine guys like these two, I’m just not sure which ones are!

Yep, the young me just went on looks and the fact you were on TV. The grown-up me now needs a personality and proof that you’re one of the good ones to actually have a crush on you.

So spill, who are your crushes from then, and now? I’m dying to know!

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29 thoughts on “Crushes: Then and Now

    • I’m guessing most girls all over the world had those 3 names scribbled somewhere at some point in their childhood! Practicing signing “Mrs Cameron” … something I may or may not have done!

  1. I did the lame-o thing. LOL. But I also left one off ’cause it’s a secret & if hubby ever read it, I would never get to go to another of their concerts again LOL

  2. All crush worthy candidates. I must admit Scott Baio was a favourite. I thought the cricketing waugh brothers were cute as, John Smith(Duran Duran), jon and richie(bon jovi) just to name a few from way back then. Channing Tatum is my fav at the moment, yuuumy πŸ™‚

  3. I totally forgot about Kirk Cameron! And John Stamos! My hubby met him when the Beach Boys toured here years ago and he was their drummer. Hubs worked at the entertainment centre at the time. When hubby told me that he spoke to him, I went psycho on him because he didn’t think to get his autograph for me!

  4. Oh man, I ‘forgot’ all about RF and KU – devastated !!! I did think of them during the week but didn’t post until this morning when I completely forgot !!!
    Have the best week !

    • I just looked it up. Charles in Charge was 1984!! I was 6!! ha ha! To be fair it went til 1990, when I was 12. Bit more appropriate age to have a crush on a TV star. The girl that played Sarah is gorgeous! I’ve been looking them all up to see what they’re up to lol

  5. Good choices, that was a blast from the past Aroha! My biggest crushes from the past was Kristian Schmidt from Neighbours and Eric Weidemann from 1927. Totally get your current crushes – they both seem lovely too, don’t they? Thanks so much for linking up for I Must Confess!

  6. I’ve thought about this premise for a post on numerous occasions but never got it out. I chuckle though to see Scott Baio. Was one of mine too, as was Robbie Benson and Ralph Macchio. Good grief! I moved on to others as I grew up. I think if I finally do sit down and consolidate my list, it’s going to be rather long but also rather telling. πŸ™‚ And quietly, I have to say I never understood the interest in Keith Urban. Then I saw him on The Voice. I was sold!

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