Keith Urban – The Story So Far Tour

Keith Urban has been on my radar since around about 1999/2000 when I first heard “But For the Grace of God” and “Where The Black Top Ends” when I was living in the US. Not only did I love the music, but he was an Aussie boy making good! To be honest it surprised me that there was an Australian country singer hitting the radio in the US, mostly because growing up “country” meant “Country and Western” and no one I knew listened to that!

Fast forward to his album “Golden Road” with songs like “Somebody Like You”, “You’ll Think of Me” and “Raining on Sunday” and I was totally hooked! I was fortunate enough to see him as a support act in 2001 for Brooks & Dunn, then again on his Love, Pain and The Whole Crazy Carnival Ride tour in 2007. Suffice it to say I loved Keith Urban before Nicole did, and before Australia really came to know this “country music star who married Nicole Kidman.” I also loved him before Australia fell in love with him watching him as the sweet, cheeky if not completely sexy judge on The Voice. So when, during The Voice, he announced he was touring, I turned to my husband and said, “We’re going!”



crowded entertainment center


Well, Saturday night we went! And it did not disappoint. Keith opened with “You Gonna Fly” and “Put You In A Song” before telling everyone it was going to be a late night! No complaints from the crowd there! He went on to play a total of 24 songs including an Australia Day-tribute “I Still Call Australia Home” with The Voice star and runner-up Darren Percival and Oasis’s “Wonder Wall” with show-opener Megan Washington. He later brought four crowd members up on stage with him to sing the chorus of “I Wanna Kiss A Girl” and when the audience voted for their favourite – a young man from Caboolture! – he got to sing the rest of the song centre stage on mic with Keith. Meanwhile the other 3 guests paired up with band members to finish out the tune. He then brought out two men he played in Brisbane with when he was just starting out, and they sang “Are You Old Enough.”


I Still Call Australia Home with Darren Percival

He performed on the main stage, and on three other stages located throughout the arena, much to the joy of those sitting at the back of the floor seats and in the upper right hand side of the stage.  He ran through the crowd, escorted by security guards, being grabbed, touched, and smiling through every second of it. He even briefly ditched the security detail to climb the stairs and greet more fans. While standing on a chair performing “Who Wouldn’t Wanna Be Me” he signed his guitar and gave it to a fan! The crowd went wild!


surprise performance among the crowd

Something happened Saturday night that I’ve not seen or felt at any concert before. I left feeling like I’d just been in a room with Keith and 13,000 of his closest friends. For 2.5 hours the band played, they sang, he interacted with the crowd, laughing and joking. Perhaps it was because he was “home” and chances are more than a few people in the crowd had grown up with him, perhaps it is just his genuine nature, but I really felt like he wanted to have a good time, and he wanted every single person there to have a good time. He was soulful, passionate, cheeky, and almost bashful-like when singing lyrics like, “I’m gonna make you a promise, if there’s life after this, I’m gonna be there to meet you with a warm, wet kiss.” I think every woman – maybe some men too – started hoping there is “life after this”!


going out with a bang…of confetti

People might turn their noses up at Keith Urban because he’s “country”. My husband is not a huge country fan, but he enjoyed the concert and Keith’s music. He is a true entertainer, full of God-given talent musically and vocally, and I am so happy that The Mechanic and I got the chance to see him perform live again. We made a night of it, staying in the city at the Royal Albert Hotel (highly recommend!). The only problem with the whole evening is I’m not sure how our next night out will possibly live up to this concert!


all dressed up for Keith

Do you like Keith Urban? What’s your ideal Date Night? 

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For those who are fans, here’s Keith’s set list from the show (I may or may not have made hubby keep track of them all in my phone):

You Gonna Fly
PutYou In A Song
Raining on Sunday
Khe Sahn (ode to Australia Day!)
Long Hot Summer
Stupid Boy
I Told You So
Making Memories of Us
I Still Call Australia Home (with Darren Percival)
Without You
Wonder Wall (with Megan Washington)
I’m In
Days Go By
Til Summer Comes Around
I Wanna Kiss A Girl
Are You Old Enough (with guests Brad Hooper and “Toughie”)
Better Life
Tonight I Wanna Cry
Who Wouldn’t Wanna Be Me
You Look Good In My Shirt
Love Somebody Like You
You’ll Think Of Me
Sweet Thing


37 thoughts on “Keith Urban – The Story So Far Tour

  1. Sounds like an axing concert! Glad you got to go after your early dramas that morning. Keith sounds like a wonderful performer who gives his all for his fans. I must admit I don’t know many Keith Urban songs but I don’t mind country music at all – might have to go and check his work out! What 3 songs would you recommend I check out first?

  2. Yeah unfortunately as nice a bloke as Keith Urban is, his music is not up my alley. {Might have to do with the whole “country” thing}. Seriously though, I prefer hard rock like Linkin Park and The Living End. But concerts are fun! Glad you had a lovely date night…and you’re right, the next one will have a lot to live up to! 🙂

    • I think lots of people fell in love with him on The Voice! And I have a feeling that what you see is what you get with him. I think he’s really very genuine, down to earth, passionate. More celebrities could learn from him!

  3. I’ve never been much of a country fan, but Keith won me over when he was on the voice! I would love to have gone to the recent Weezer concert, or Bon Iver that would be a great date night for me!! Glad you had such a blast!! x Karen #teamIBOT

    • I wasn’t a country fan either until I lived in the US and I had no choice there – all the friends I made LOVED country! It wore me down quickly, and I figured if you can’t beat them, join them and came to love it too!

  4. Awesome awesome and more awesome! What a fantastic night! He is such a true blue Aussie and all around good guy. That lucky fan with the guitar is laughing all the way to the bank! 😉

    • I know! I can’t even imagine what she’d get for that! But I did read an article in the paper that said she was going to try and learn a Keith song on it and then frame it and keep it! Good on her!

  5. You know I’m not really a fan of his music, I am of him personally though. But I also know how totally awesome it is when an entertainer makes you feel like you’re in his backyard! I had this experience with Bill Corgan, Smashing Pumpkins at the Tivoli a few years back. Best time ever! Stoked you had such a great night hun, much deserved!!

    BTW – I’ve given you a Sunshine Award – all the details are in my IBOT post today – so check it out – I love your work my friend – Em 🙂

  6. Lucky you – what a date night! Keith is not my kinda music but it sounds like he is a true showman. Megan Washington has a beautiful voice and I would’ve loved to hear their rendition of Wonderwall.

  7. It looks like it was a great concert. I don’t really know his songs but, last week, I was in the car with a friend and she had his album on in the car and I liked the sound of it.

  8. Oh I love him. I liked him until I heard ‘without you’ and then I was the smiten kitten. He just seems like such a top bloke

  9. That sounds like a brilliant night. I am shamed to admit I don’t know a single Keith Urban song. I will have to go onto Itunes and have a listen. He does seem like thoroughly nice guy though, I should listen to him as I do like a bit of country music now and then. X

  10. He is SO dreamy! ha ha.
    Ive never really been into his music but I think I’m going to have a listen. I am so glad you had a wonderful night out with hubby, sounds like it was one in a million.


  11. As you know I am a huge fan of KU – waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay long before he was on The Voice !! So very glad to hear you had such a great evening. We have been to a couple of his concerts and he truly is an amazing performer. He came out into the crowd and gave away a guitar in the last show of his that we saw – we swopped tickets and sat 2 seats in from one of the little stages in the crowd – it was amazing to see him up close like that.
    Have a great day !

  12. I’m glad you had a great time, especially since you missed the Aus Open women’s final… although that’s easy when the other choice is Keith Urban! He is playing in Sydney tonight, and now I wish I’d bought tickets. 😦

    • Is it sold out? I would love to go again! Who knows when he’ll be back? One of the main things I miss about living in the US is all the concerts we used to go to. So much cheaper than here, and we didn’t have far to go to see them either! Here we have to drive up to Brisbane.

  13. I am sooooo jealous! I will admit, I only started loving Keith from The Voice but I am hooked! Love “Without You” so much I downloaded the sheet music and play it on the piano! Such a beautiful song. And he’s such a sensitive, gorgeous soul!
    Sounds like you had an awesome night!

    • and here I was thinking we were special because he gave a guitar out! “He can’t do that EVERY night” I said – but apparently he CAN! We were really tempted to buy tix to Tuesday night’s show which is to make up for the Sunday night show that was cancelled and get floor seats! Especially after seeing where else he popped up to perform!! Love your pics!! You must have taken your good camera!? Wish we’d seen The Madden brothers! Thanks for sharing!

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