Wild Weather Weekend

Unless you’re living under a rock, you’d most likely know that Queensland has taken a bit of a battering this weekend thanks to on-again-off-again-cyclone Oswald. We are some of the lucky ones. We still have power. We live on the second floor so we have no flooding, all we are really getting is some strong winds and lots of rain. The rain has finally eased off after more than 2 days of a stead down pour, but the damage is already done for many. Many who were hit hard 2 years ago in the floods.


But I must confess…I am loving this weather. At least, before I found out people had died I was. It doesn’t seem right to love something that has taken lives. But the only effect it’s had on me is that work has closed down. That has never happened in the 2.5 years that I’ve been there. On the one hand it means missing out on public holiday pay (double time and a half – ouch!) but on the other, it means I get a mini-vacation from work, having 6 days off! I’m certainly not complaining about that.

I also love this weather because it gives us a great excuse to do absolutely nothing. It not only justifies a day at home, in PJs, watching movies, it demands it!

Another bonus is that all the areas across the coast that have been brown for so long, will finally be green again! You know, once it’s done being flooded and destroyed! Every day I drive to work I notice the brown median strips, the brown yards, the dead parks. I can’t wait to see that all green again!


According to the news the wind gusts have been over 140kms. I’d believe it, looking at the trees outside. I tried to take video to share with you but it just doesn’t do it justice. I realise we are very lucky – we are safe at home, no flooding, still have electricity, and hubby and I were able to go to the Keith Urban concert Saturday night (watch for blog about that tomorrow!) without incident. While I am loving this weather, I know many are not, and some are in dire straights, waiting to be air lifted from their rooftops. All those people, plus the ones who have homes in flood areas, are in my thoughts and prayers.

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20 thoughts on “Wild Weather Weekend

  1. I am a big fan of wet weather and cold days. It gives me an excuse to stay inside and read or catch up on movies. For me, the best kind of holidays are in winter when I can wrap myself up in a jumper and blanket, look out a window at a new view, and get back to doing the things I enjoy the most (like the reading)!

  2. I am hoping there is not too much tragedy with all this bad weather, and people who were so badly affected last time are spared. I have noticed this year especially how dry and brown it is, much nicer when everything is green. There is a nip in the air in southern SA today, I had the heater on earlier, I hate the cold. Enjoy your break and hope that you remain safe.

  3. I’m also nice and snug in my Sydney rain-soaked home but thinking of everyone in Queensland and northern NSW. It’s so scary and can’t imagine what it must feel like. All this after watching weeks of news reports about bush fires in Tasmania and Victoria, as well as other places. We really do live in a diverse country. Stay safe everyone.

  4. We just went to Westfield to get new tyres/supplies for school and all the shade sails at the Coles end in the car park have been ripped and torn down by the wind! It’s vicious out there alright. Lots of peeps in Bris having to be evacuated, sucks, especially so soon after last flood. I hope it eases soon. I’m over the weather, stuck at home with three ferals, two of which will not sit down and watch dvds 😦

  5. I enjoy a bit of rain too Aroha as it gives me the excuse to relax and have a rest. But it’s terrible seeing all the devastation happening up your way at the moment, especially as some places have still not recovered from the last round of floods. We’re just getting the wind now in Newcastle but the rain has been constant all day. Hoping that means the weather is easing for you now. Thanks again for linking up!

  6. Thanks for the pics – great to see from a Queenslander’s inside view (rather than the media’s!) I hate the rain – brings me down. But at least my garden will stop dying so I very much agree with you there. Bring on the green! Really hope things are not too terrible for everyone this time around.

  7. So crazy isn’t it! We have a tree over in our backyard but that’s it, still have power and it seems to have quietened down now. Here’s hoping the BrisVegas river doesn’t flood too badly.

    • We have kept our power through all of this so far – very thankful, as I know several without! I hope the Brissie river doesn’t flood too badly either. You’d hope we’d learned from 2 years ago!

  8. I don’t like the wet weather but I agree with you that when it’s raining, it’s nice to just stay inside, under a blanket and watch movies! These pictures are incredible… Stay safe.

  9. I find wind to be so very scary. Living on a hill, we cop -alot- of wind, and often gale force at times. My sister is on the Sunshine Coast and they lost power for days and now have no internet. It has been so devastating for the state again. Very very sad. 😦

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