Australia Day Is…


Australia Day, a day to celebrate. Or is it? I questioned the anti-Australia day comments on Twitter and was told a day of such tragedy should not be a day for celebration.

To that I say, would celebrating Australia Day on another day change or un-do the tragedy?

I know Australia is not perfect. No country is.

I know Australians are not perfect. No race is.

I know there are things we could do better. But I know there are a lot of things we do damn well.

I know that in order for Australia to be what she is, many made involuntary and inexcusable sacrifices. I think that people through our history have tried to right these wrongs as well as they could.

I know Australians do not necessarily like to be asked or told to be Politically Correct. So when people suggest changing “Australia Day” to “Citizens Day” it is going to get some backs up.

Screen Shot 2013-01-06 at 8.13.53 AM

For me, Australia Day is a day to reflect on our history. We can’t change it, but we can learn from it.

Australia Day is a day to give thanks that we live in a beautiful country, with many freedoms, with opportunity a plenty.

Australia Day is a day to embrace the Aussie cliches* – throw another shrimp on the barby, drink a beer or 10, have some vegemite on toast, wear your thongs, wrestle a croc!


Australia Day is a day to honour those who have represented our country with grace, flair, fairness, achievements, service,

Australia Day is a day to be with loved ones and be proud to call ourselves Aussies.

What does Australia Day mean to you? 

* unfortunately the weather is not good here, so doing the traditional BBQ, heading to the beach, will not happen. Instead we will be taking a poorly 4 year old to the doctor, then going to see Keith Urban tonight! I’d take Keith Urban over a BBQ any day!

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16 thoughts on “Australia Day Is…

  1. I remember asking an Aussie colleague what Australia Day was all about when I first arrived in Sydney five years ago. He said it was just a day to have fun, catch up with mates and enjoy a few beers. I was happy to embrace it, we don’t really have an equivalent day in the UK.

  2. Hi Aroha, while we’re a country of many great achievements, we do need to recognise that Australia Day is very much a sensitive spot for those who have had to fight for their identity here, namely the indigenous people. And we do need to spend some of the day to acknowledge and respect that.
    I think the past 10 or so years, Australia Day has turned into something more about having fun, drinking and “mateship”. Stuff that not all Australians can necessarily relate to, especially those who are first or second generation.
    Also, it was mentioned on the radio the other day, Australia Day is known to have the highest number of assaults.

    • It’s a shame that there are a bunch of yobbos who are always going to ruin Australia Day celebrations by being dickheads. I read a few good things on FB and Twitter yesterday – “Be proud but don’t be a dickhead” was a good one! I I like to think it doesn’t matter how you celebrate Australia Day – that all the cliches like BBQs, thongs, beer is more a way of mocking our “way of life” than trying to exclude everyone. I think Australia Day will always mean different things for different people. It’s how we all respect each others meanings that matters. And finding a way to stop the idiots from being idiots..

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